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    Where did you ride your bike today?

    I rode with a friend who made her second attempt after ride to work day from Ryde to Parramatta and back This time, I had a fatal blowout on my rear michelin city on the trip into parra. Earlier my rear tube blew and i rode it a little while flat from south st to rydalmere wharf. I changed the...
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    Where did you ride your bike today?

    I rode the new Gore Hill/Epping Rd cycleway today to Cammeray from Parramatta. 55kms return. Great ride and great free brekkie held by council! Beautiful day and another great piece of infrastructure.
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    flat bar road bikes decision

    Congrats! I think purchase does often come down to price and what is available. I find bike brands are so competitive these days. My colleague has a LIVESTRONG 7.5FX Trek, very nice bike and a bit more relaxed and stronger than my CRX... but also a tad slower. I am very happy with my CRX1, a...
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    Avanti vs Giant Hybrids? please help

    It is always tough working out which bike you want when you are comparing bikes in different categories let alone different brands Pioneer is a very nice bike, with its hydroformed tubes. Congrats on the purchase. Everyone has their own preference of brand. If you look at them closely, there...
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    Upgrades to entry level MTBs and Comfort Bikes

    I just wanted to share my experience at a failed attempt to upgrade my apollo i bought a SRAM dual drive hub/velocity rear wheel for my Apollo Himalaya commuter, BUT have found that the shifter unit fouls with my rear rack mount and I can't mount my son's croozer hitch. So I have ended up...
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    flat bar road bikes decision

    It's been a while now and my CRX is still going strong Since then I have added an OCR C3 to my stable BUT I still prefer riding my CRX for commuting and slow ride duties To make the gearing more palatable for everyday loaded use, I have added a LX rear deralleur and 11-34 cassette...
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    Anyone riding M4?

    I have an aversion to most motorways, not because of bad experiences, I just don't like the idea of cars going by me so fast, giving them less time to react. I have ridden on the M2 at night during peak hour and that was freaky enough. Personally, I'd rather find a more scenic, less polluted...
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    Bike only path in Sydney

    there is a short bike only path in front of westmead hospital
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    Bike only path in Sydney

    There is also the Roxborough Park Rd path near Baulkham Hills Pool which takes you through to the toongabbie cycleway which will flick you near the end of M2... just go up Tway Windsor Rd cycleway onto M7 from there. Happy to show you if you're confused on what talking about.
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    Gong ride last 15k

    Well, i am feeling alot of muscle stiffness today much more than last year. My brother and his 2 mates all on roadies, went alot faster than my previous experiences with Gong ride. I climbed most hills minus the 2 super steep ones, at about 17km/h, sat on flats around 30-40km/h. It was the...
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    Another "which bike". Can a MTB survive the urban commute?

    I am terrible when it comes to how many bikes is enough i have just bought my 5th bike. I currently run: DMR Switchback for XC riding (2007) DMR Trailstar2 for FR (2006) Giant OCR composite 3 for longer road rides (2007) Giant CRX 1 for commutes and shorter/slower rides (2006)...
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    Pedestrian Problems

    obviously you expect people to follow road rules :rolleyes: peeps in syd are getting like china, you just have to ride around peds and cars break rules... don't worry about arguing, just go around them.... surely, your bike ain't that wide! :eek: my theory is... be nice to peds because if...
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    Skinny on New Giant Alliance frame?

    where's the review???
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    Carbon, Alloy or Alliance Roadbike?

    so has anyone ridden a TCR alliance, can't find a review!
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    MTB slicks thread...

    Hi, I've finally wore out my Conti Contact Sports, after a while too many little cuts and the tread wore down which meant increased punctures... very good tyres though. I didn't find them too hard to get on and off... but my rims are pretty good like that. Also, like a few other...