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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    Thanks...They come in black or gold
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    Hi,my name is Robby Iam a local cyclist in the Lutz ,Fl. area. I have volunteered my time to help shape the RWL Nov 13,2011 With United Cerebral Palsy tampabay and myself we are reaching out to the cycling community for support on recruiting riders,volunteers,and sponsors ...I have visted...
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    Proper chain cleaning

    Gatorade bottle - filled with water/simple green put chain inside... shake,shake, let sit overnite, shake some more, rinse & dry put chain back on & lube wipe down go ride ! Tip: It does not have to sit overnight ...try mineral spirits instead of simple green
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    My First Time Trial

    great story...awesome job keep it up:D
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    Just another case of road rage.....

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    Good for prolink:D
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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    [ 2006 BMC slc 01 :D all campy ]
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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    2006 bmc slc 01 all campy weight is 15.5.lbs:cool:
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    Your Cycling Locations

    Lutz Fl
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    Tampa Bay Riding Partners

    Iam in Lutz Fl - Van Dyke rd
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    Tampa Bay Riding Partners

    Due to Work & Family..... Iam in a cycling rut ! I have lost my motivation..I have done most of my riding at night about 8:30 pm 3-4 nights a week and ride early Sat morning, group or solo ride.some nights ride the trainer this point nothing is working NO MOTIVATION AT ALL ???? So I will...
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    small group rides

    WOW good job just keep up the hard work you will be there in no time!!