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    Yes, I did read your post. I guess I'm not making myself clear. Those are usually referred to as bar ends, not bar extensions. Bar ends don't preclude the use of bar end mirrors. I've used the two together many times. Yes, short bar ends are a problem, since your hand covers the end of the...
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    I'm going by your photo. I see nothing in the photo that would prevent you using a bar end mirror. What do you mean by bar extensions? I have eight bikes with a wide variety of bars, grips, bar ends, etc. and I have bar end mirrors on all of them. If there really is something preventing you...
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    Mick's bikes - pleasanton

    Some states, counties, cities require masks. It might not have been up to the dealer. I can find all kinds of studies showing that masks do offer some protection. It's not 100%, but every little bit helps. The CDC, WHO, John's Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, New England Journal of Medicine, etc. etc...
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    I'm not seeing why a regular bar end mirror won't work. I have similar grips on my Trek MTB and bar end mirrors work fine.
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    My gravel bike for club rides, centuries and tours.

    I have said, a number of times, on this forum, that I didn't get gravel bikes. If I'm road riding, I'd use a road bike, if I'm off pavement, I'd use an MTB. I'd like to amend that. I still don't see why you wouldn't use your MTB for off pavement riding but last fall I had a unique gravel bike...
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    Flat bar road bikes.

    I've gone drop-bar-less. I still have a couple bikes with drop bars, but they are collecting dust. I know of other, older, riders that have done the same. Some younger riders too. Despite the limited hand positions (one), I just feel safer and more comfortable with flat bars. Besides a...
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    Are you new to cycling and wanting to buy a bike?

    I have a few words of advice. I've been riding for more than sixty years and bought my first decent bike in 1972, and I've gotten four custom made frames since then, so I've been around the block a few times. I just got a new bike and am in the process of getting the fit dialed in and I have a...
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    Building my dream bike.

    As I said in a previous post, last spring I decided that I wanted/needed a bike that I don't already have. What I had in mind was a (mostly) road bike with flat bars, fatter tires, and 1X11-12 gearing. I figured it would be hard to find an off the shelf bike that fit the bill, and I was right...
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    My canyon commuter 8.0 is a great bike, but i think i'm going to replace it.

    I have several bikes, but last spring I decided I needed one that I don't have. I decided that what I wanted was a flat bar road bike, with 1X11-12 gearing and room for, at least, at 32mm tire, and I already had a large balance on my credit card, so it had to be fairly cheap. I found a couple...
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    The “t-bone” effect

    Could be a German driver thing, but I suspect it is more likely that they, the drivers, are just misjudging how fast the opposing traffic is coming. If the cyclist is along side the motorist, when there is a break in traffic, and the cyclist doesn't swing wide around the turn, I have seen...
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    Y shaped stem at tdf.

    I promise I won't give it away tomorrow. I believe that is a mountain stage. Good tour so far. Fast.
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    Y shaped stem at tdf.

    Cheese and rice! Sorry! I didn't even think about it. Holly cow! Whew! Yikes!
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    Canyon commuter 8.0: first impressions.

    I've had a chance to put some miles on it now. There are pluses and minuses to the internal gearing. You need to stop pedaling to shift, which causes you to lose momentum on a climb. But being able to shift while stopped can come in handy. I now have the Shimano Deore XT trail pedals on it...
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    Y shaped stem at tdf.

    Right you are, it's a one piece bar and stem. It's on the bike of Marc Hirschi, who won todays stage, so I got a good look at it. Still haven't been able to find it. Not looking to buy one, just curious. Does open up the space right in the middle of the bar for electronics. Looks cool.