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    Cyclocross - ??

    I have to admit, I've never been to a cyclocross race, just seen a few on TV, but....could someone please explain why cyclocross is still alive and well so many years after we have mountain bikes? What's so good about riding a cyclocross bike (whose DNA is 95% road bike) over terrain that...
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    Rethinking Aluminum

    I'm curious as to how do Allu and Titanium compare to each other?. I'm considering a Litespeed (ti) vs a CAAD9 at the moment and have never tried Ti before. thanks
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    Jan in the US?

    With Ivan and Levi on Disco, I don't think Jan would be interested in joining them.
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    OCRs are a good beginer's choice. You'll get carbon forks, allu frame, and decent components. Don't get your first bike off ebay / cash converters / etc. Get it at a local bike shop. SIZE and FIT are far more important that frame material, and a LBS will be able to get a bike that fits (try...
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    Haro Mountain Bikes?

    I used a Haro V2 for 4-5 years (this was back in 94). Then sold it to my future wife (yeah.... I know....what kind of person sells a bike to their loved ones) who used it for another 3 years...then she gave it to her sister who used it for another 3 years till it was stolen from her. As far as...
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    Great Perth Bike Ride

    I did the 106K ride. Aprox 3:30 hrs. Fun ride, but there were a few missing water stations ! (only 1!!) cheers
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    Knicks- reduction in quality

    I'm this close |--| to getting a new set of Pearl Izumi bibs. Any comments? worth the 180 bucks?
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    Litespeed 2007 - no Tuscany?

    Title says it all. Is there no Tuscany for 07?
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    Gear ratios

    I bet you that 60 miles into the race you're not going to think "gee I wish a had a smaller gear to get up this hill". Go with the 14-28
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    Rollers or Turbo Trainers

    I have a set of rollers and absolutely love them. It's easy to get the bike in there (no wheel adjustment needed) and the most important thing for me: You're actually riding your bike !. I reckon trainers might be a bit better in regards to resistance variance, but, in my case that was not a...
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    Improving one's bike mechanic skills?

    I reckon they'll make more money with those courses: Before: - Take bike to shop for repair, pay $$ Now: - Take LBS training on bike repair, pay $$ - Buy all tools that allow you to repair the bike, pay $$$ - After several failed attempts to fix your bike, take it to LBS for repair, pay $$ -...
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    Ullrich to Discovery?

    I'm sure Levi will be REAAAAALLY happy if Jan signs up with Discovery.
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    My Message To Trek

    You're reading WAY too much Trek's marketing bullsh1t. 1200 and 1500 are practically the same bike, with different components. That's a much better reason than "frame failure due to integrated headset" That's a perfectly good reason.
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    Giant TCR 1 sizing

    quick and dirty: If you're 6'' tall, I guess best fit would come from a L, but a M/L will suit well too. I have a 05' TCR 1 alloy M/L (53.5) and fits me like a glove (I'm 5.10). Cheers
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    2007 Giants on the horizon

    Looks like there is no Alloy TCR range for looks the way to go (sigh...) The new TCR alliance looks interesting, although the graphic design (decals) are horrible !.