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    Health and nutrition food

    Eating healthy is important! I do like to supplement, though! I like Actigin, it has really helped me out quite a bit. It boosted my muscles and I heal quicker after work outs.
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    New to cycling

    Hi! I would suggest a supplement, it might help. Actigin can be good to start with. It will even give you more energy.
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    Body Fat Vs. Muscle

    Taking a supplement might help, I would suggest Actigin for endurance. No negative side effects, either.
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    Flow Endurance

    I'll check it out. Actigin is another good choice, it's really helped me with my riding.
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    looking to start cycling

    The best type of bike will depend on your body. I found that taking supplements have helped a lot. I take Actigin for endurance and beast creature for creatine.
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    Foot drop, peroneal nerve injury from cycling?

    Sometimes supplements can be helpful, even when we get older. I use Actigin and it's given me a boost and helped with my aches, plus gives me fewer injuries after riding.
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    Leg cramps??

    Ouch! I'd say try a supplement like Actigin, it helped me out and I have better rides. Plus, fewer aches & pains. I've even toned up better since using it.
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    Injury and Pain

    Sometimes my knee bothers me. I was sore after riding, but I started taking Actigin and I felt much better after my workouts/cycling routine and whatnot.
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    Is Slow (and short) training better than No training

    Like a poster said, riding some is better than none. Maybe add in some supplements? I take Actigin, it has helped me when it comes to riding.
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    Sports Drink Question

    I just drink regular water and take Actigin. I don't like most sports drinks anyways, so it doesn't really affect my diet too much. Maybe some flavoring from time to time, it depends.
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    Oats are a great source of energy. I like to eat them in the mornings, then take my supplements (Actigin and Beast Creature). IMO, milk is also a good breakfast 'food'. I don't like to go too heavy, so no bacon or meats if I'm going out cycling.
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    Working out in the evening is fine. I take actigin for endurance and beast creature for creatine in the evenings when I work out. I'm not as sore afterwards, either. Hope this post helps!
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    Five benefits of cycling for women

    I think women (and anyone) can gain a lot from cycling. It helps promote a healthy lifestyle and I know female bikers who really have benefited from it.
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    New Rider..Hello I guess....

    Good luck on your journey! Make sure to stay hydrated and find a diet that works for you. Supplements can also help,I take actigin for endurance and beast creature for creatine.
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    Bike Buying for Fat Girl

    I'd look for a solid workout plan, that will help. Before I started cycling, I had some issues with weight, too. I started eating right and took Actigin.