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    Your heartrate in rest

    Hello, I just measured my heartrate in rest... It's 35 beats per minute... Isn't this paticulary LOW... I also measure my condition with the Polar OwnIndex system and that's 72... Is this good :cool:
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    Best Clinchers

    Continental ALL THE WAY BABY! Attack n' Force or GP3000
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    I'm a european cyclist and here riding with you undies leads to serious trouble (I never tried it but I've heard story's). When you buy cycling shorts it's very important to buy good quality. And with cycling shorts it's the more you pay the less your butt will hurt. Some shorts don't absorb...
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    Bottom Bracket Clicking

    I had the exact same problem with my Campagnolo Centaur Bottom Bracket. Everytime I set al my force on my pedals the bottom bracket was clicking. A solution should be buying a new one. Form me the solution was asking the club I am in for a new bike. So pick you choice: New bracket or new bike :)
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    How many of you carry a gun as part of your cycling equipment?

    O my god, your right. It's prolly a cultural difference. Here in Belgium almost no one carries a gun. But if you mention animals and stuff I can understand more. Here in Belgium you wouldn't run into a bear or something like that (luckely). I guess that if there would be a chance I'd have to...
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    How many of you carry a gun as part of your cycling equipment?

    Are you sick? What attitude is that? You also wear a gun while going to the theatre with your girl? Well I guess it's just typical american behaviour. I saw that movie once "Bowling for Columbine". You should watch that, it gives you a whole other look on the carrying of weapons. Answer to you...
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    Do you think lance is doping? yes or no

    Everybody else is doing it, so why can't he? :D
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    Do you listen to music while cycling?

    Damn baby right you are! I use Apple IPod 40Gigabyte (same one as Armstrong ;) I listen to AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Chuck Berry, Kiss, The Cranberries, Rage Against The Machine, and many more My favourite song is "Detroit Rock City" from Kiss. When it starts to...
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    Bloodtype Diet

    Hello, Recently a friend of mine bought a book on a new *diet*. Well it's not acctually a diet it's a way of living. The book (written by Prof J. d'Adamo) says that different sorts of food have different effects on you depending on what blood type you are. Like for example: Bloodtype A should...
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    Protein Supplement

    Hi, I'm in search of a good Protein Supplement (powder). What I want is a supplement that increases muscle but does not increase my fat percentage. I now weigh 74kg and I want to go to 70kg but I just want to loose fat and no muscle. So if somebody has some good advice... I would like to stay in...
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    Wide Shoes?

    Euhm, Sidi is know to me as a "narrow" shoe. It isn't very wide. If you like wide shoes than I suggest you buy a pair of Northwave's. Northwave shoes are REALLY wide and I love them (currently riding Aerators).
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    Home made sports drink powder?

    Making your own sportsdrinks is quite easy. I've read this in a book. There are two kinds of drinks - Isotone (4 - 8 gr glucose per 100ml) - Hypotone (2 - 4 gr glucose per 100ml) Isotone is the best used in normal weather conditions. The colder it gets, the more glucose you should add (from...
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    Best Chamois Cream??

    I like NAQI Leather Cream. It really softens the insert. Never have problems again!!!
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    What tires do you use?

    I had a good experience with Continental Attack and Force. It's a set with a different front and rear tire. It's got a good resistance and roll's like heaven. Bad thing about it is the cost. For a set you would likely pay 80$ but I can buy them at an official dealer where the price is 60$ :p
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    Beer and cycling

    Alcohol is really bad for your body. When cycling on a professional level I wouldn't drink alcohol at all. It has been proven to "dissolve" muscles. Also I once got really drunk and in the afternoon I had to go on a 4 hours training. Well... While I was resting I had a heartrate of 120... That's...