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    Help With Sponsors

    I am a teenager and am hoping to participate in the 24 hrs of Moab race next year. I was wondering, are sponsors something you need? If so , who do you ask and how do you approach them? Thanks :confused:
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    New Mountain Bike

    Ended up Buying a Haro Shift R5. Definately worth it. I was seriously looking at the xtc alliance, but after 1 ride on the haro, i fell in love with it. Maybe i'll get an Xtc for xc-racing. Anyways, thank you very much for your help!
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    New to racing

    Hi I am trying to get into mountain bike racing, i am only 13 so i am new to racing, although i've been riding for several years. My question is i really don't know how to train for a rac, oh yeah XC-racing, i am getting a new XTC alliance which should do the job. Any advice, thanks a lot
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    Thinking of selling

    Okay. I'm thinking of selling a schwinn '06 mesa. I'm probably going to upgrade to avid bb7 disc brakes, and forte titan rims, and a marzocchi mz comp fork. I it already has: SRAM X-7 rd, SRAM 3.0 fd, X-5 shifters... well the component list is hear, the only things that will be different are the...
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    What a laugh.

    Uh ..Yeah , i wouldn't bring a hardrock to whistler
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    Fork Help

    I have a SR-Suntour xct that came stock with my bike. When ever I ride, I get black stuff all over the stanchions.Please help. THANKS
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    New Mountain Bike

    honestly, i am not really a big fan of trek. Partly because about half the stuff on their bikes is made by bontrager, which kinda sucks. You really have a small choice of parts on trek bikes. For a good trek bike, the only good thing is a fuel ex, because their other bikes really aren't that great
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    New Mountain Bike

    You know , i've heard great things about the xtc alliance, I like the SRAM drivetrain. I really am a big fan of the giant frames. Thanks for your help! (and I'll get my signature changed, thanks!)
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    What are the best anti-theft tricks around?

    The best things you can do are to loosen up your quick releases (and lock up your bike). Anyone trying to make a quick getaway will just fall off the bike. And if your in the city, take your wheels with you. Anyone will probably try to say something to the cop on the corner when a guy is trying...
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    Mountain bike or roadie

    Personally, I prefer mountain biking. I think there is more adventure in mountain biking, and it's more adrenaline fueled
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    New Mountain Bike

    I'm looking for a new mountain bike. I'll need to purchase it at the end of next year, so a 2008 model will be fine. I'm looking for a cross country hardtail in the $1200 range. Any good models or brands I should be looking at? THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!!
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    Winter biking photos

    What are some of the best bike pictures you've found or taken?
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    Newbie Intro Thread

    Name : Ryan Age: 13 Location: boulder,co Bike: Schwinn Mesa '06 (many upgrades) Races: None (hope for some soon) Goals: School Mountain biking team, doing some races, Try some more local trails Training: Biking to school Avg speed: lets just say I like to go really fast
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    Mountain bike or roadie

    Hey i was just wondering how many of you guys are roadies and how many of you guys mountain bike?
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    Disc or v brakes

    Thanks for your help! I bike to school, but i do a lot of winter and x-country riding. I can't get to my bike shop today, but around how much would it cost if i got new hubs instead of new rims. Would it be just as expensive as a new wheelset? and also, is installing discs easy? Thanks again for...