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    Best Looking Female Cyclist?

    Check this forum out...
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    Disc Brakes 4 dummies BB7s for $70. I put those on my bike and I love them. Very little maintenance. Make sure you get levers too. I got the Speed Dial 7s to go with them. Great set of breaks. I used to run with hydro brakes. Too much maintenance involved. It...
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    Headshok fork stays compressed - can it be fixed?

    Take it to a Cannondale dealer. I had a similar problem with my Fatty Ultra and it was the air catridge inside. My Cdale dealer just service/replaced that, and it's been good ever since.
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    Mixed components, cheap, decent, on the same bike?

    Actually, think of it as a way to save the customer money. It's a way to get people started. All their Avalanche frames are the same. The price is all dependant of the components. My first bike was a low end Kona because I wasn't sure I was going to take to the trails the way I did. But it was a...
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    Helmets: to wear, or not to wear?

    I've always worn a helmet. And what happened a couple of weeks ago is a good example of why I wear one. A friend of mine was bombing down a fire road at about 25 MPH on his mt. bike. He hit a loose patch of gravel which made him lose control of the bike making his bike go one way, and him going...
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    Night Lights???

    Thanks for the advice guys. I am currently looking into a less expensive light for my helmet (10W). I did some more research on and looked at all the reviews. The current light I am looking into seems to be a good light that will last and is under $100. Then I will splurge and go for a...
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    I wouldn't be surprised if it was the seat/seat post. I had some creaks going on too. Bicycling mag did a great article about creaks. Take the seat and seat post off, clean all contact areas, lightly grease everything including screws. Tighten up the bolts and no more creak. Same with the handle...
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    Night Lights???

    How many you out there still sleep with night lights???? :D Now on to my real question. I am looking to get my hands on lights for... well, what else? Night rides on the trails. I am not looking to spend $400, nor do I want cheap lights that I will only replace after a year. Anyone have some...
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    Well, I would love to blame it on an installation issue. This last time was purely my fault. I was trying to down shift to the small chain ring on a big hill and it wouldn't shift. So instead of upshifting back to where I was, I left it there clicking away hoping it would shift. In the...
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    Is it luck or....

    This winter's project is to rebuild my hardtail. I love my full suspension, but the hardtail was my first... you can never forget your first. So it's time to strip the Kona down and rebuild for a new riding season next year. Long live the hardtail! RIDE ON! RubberSideDown
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    I have been through 4 or 5 chains this summer on my mt. bike. :mad: I am an agressive rider and have snapped them too many times. The last one was an SRAM 970. This time I am upgrading to the hollow pin SRAM and am hoping this helps. Anyone else have issues with chains breaking all the time...
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    What do you carry with you when you ride.

    I carry my fast @ss around when I ride. And then you want me to carry another 10 lbs. of ****? :D The nice thing is, if you are riding with friends, you can divy up the load. At the very least, carry a multi-tool, tire levers, patch kit, pump, and a cell phone.
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    Disc Disaster?

    I have hydrolic brakes that get "soft", but nothing like that. Usually bleeding them helps a lot. I'm not sure what to do with cables. What does the local shop say?
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    Disc Disaster?

    Hydrolic or cable discs? What brand?
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    Best Looking Female Cyclist?

    And this is a good one of Lance's love.....