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    Brakes Sticking

    They are Sram Force brakes. Should I put some lube on the pivot joints?
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    Brakes Sticking

    My rear brake isn't releasing right away like it should after I use it. It sticks for a couple seconds and slowly starts to release. I replaced the cable and housing and still no luck. Any idea what could fix it or what may be wrong?
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    Tufo tubular tape with other tires

    I am looking to tape my first set of tubular tires. I have heard great things about tape and have had good experience with it, however I have always used Tufo tires. They recommend only using it with Tufo tires, but I think that's just a scam to get you to buy their tires. Has anyone else...
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    Polar CS300 HR issues

    I have been using a Polar CS300 heart rate monitor for the last 2-3 years and have loved it. Today, I get on my bike and my heart rate does not respond. I figured it was a bad battery even though I replaced it about 2 months ago. I change it and still get no response. I went to Polar's...
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    Lemond Tete de Course Geometry

    Lemond's website has been destroyed essentially and am wondering where I can find the geometry of a 59cm Tete de Course from 2008. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. rudycyclist Tsunami TT frame issue

    Apparently there is a little black cap with some sort of device to tighten the seatpost that covers where the seatpost goes, then a round seatpost is used there. This is a real wild goose chase.
  7. rudycyclist Tsunami TT frame issue

    Seat tube is not round. It looks like a Trek TTX except it's fully integrated, or so it seems. This is a picture I found of the same frame online.
  8. rudycyclist Tsunami TT frame issue

    I already looked into this and unfortunately, there is a disclaimer on the bottom of the home page of the (American) Tsunami website you gave me saying they have no relation to Chucks Bikes and the frame I bought is Chinese. Another dead link...
  9. rudycyclist Tsunami TT frame issue

    Before went out of business, I bought a Tsunami TT frame (Time Traveler) from them. It did not include a seat post collar or anything to tighten a seatpost. It looks like it's supposed to be an integrated seat mast. Just wondering if anyone has this same frame or if anyone...
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    I wrecked my bike... :(

    Yeah I would just say you need both shifters replaced and get an estimate from your LBS and try to get a new pair of shifters from the guy's insurance.
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    Sew-up riders: Advice please..

    Good point ^^. I was using them for racing only, not for every day use.
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    Sew-up riders: Advice please..

    I used tape for about a year and had no issues at all. People really seem to hate on the Tufo tape, but I've had great luck with it (Note: I was doing 90% crits...probably about 30 of them that year). The tape was used on some team wheels that I was racing. Tape is really easy to install and...
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    carbon rims?

    Carbon wheels are awesome to race on IMO. They are light and much stiffer than aluminum clinchers. However, tubulars are a pain in the butt because of gluing tires. Also, you can run normal brake pads on carbon wheels, however braking performance will be HORRIBLE. Not to mention, they make...
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    26 inch tire = 650 or 700??

    Yes, I did stop working there. I was on a website and they had a really good deal on some Continental Sprinter tubulars and they only had them in 26". Figured it was too good to be true. P.S. Do I know you Alfeng?
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    26 inch tire = 650 or 700??

    I am looking to buy some tires and I really do not know this conversion. I run 700c wheels so will a 26 inch tire fit?