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    Life Cycles teaser is here!

    nice video
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    Is the Race Across the Sky Blue Ray Disc worth it?

    I have the DVD edition of the race, is the Blue Ray worth the price difference? :confused:
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    How to remove stuck seatpost?

    Actually it did had grease on the seatpost, but maybe it was too old and it degraded over time. I will be checking the ingo and trying to make it move... Gracias
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    How to remove stuck seatpost?

    Thanx for the advice, i will give it a try
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    How to remove stuck seatpost?

    I have a cromoly Kona bike and a Syncros seatpost (aluminium) has stuck inside. How can I remove it? Cannot pull it an inch... :confused: Gracias
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    Mt bikes in velodrome?

    Hola Amigos. The velodrome in my town is not used by roadies or by anyone at all... :rolleyes: I an thinking on inviting the local off road community and start having some weekly FUN events... any ideas on what race formats can be had?
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    Help Deciding - Kona Zing or Giant OCR-3 Carbon

    Go with the GIANT, you can upgrade components later
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    San Diego riders opinions

    Go south!!! Baja Ensenada (hometown) has some good trails amigo
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    Where are you from,what do you do?

    Rudy from Mexico just starting cycling again (MTB) day job project engineer
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    Does your fork have lockout?

    No but I wish
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    Single Speed Project....Should I continue???

    I love the way the bike looks. what kind of cruiser bike is it. i would like to start one myself regards