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    Titanium vs. Carbon-Fiber

    Thanks to you all! You gave me some things to think about. Don't know if I will "upgrade" or not, but, I do have the itch for another bike. You all know how that is, I'm sure.
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    Titanium vs. Carbon-Fiber

    I bet this has been asked before, but: I'm looking into upgrading from aluminum. What are the pros and cons of Carbon Fiber verses Titanium frames?
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    What types of bikes should big people use?

    If you're in it for the weight loss, be careful of becoming consumed with your weight. Don't worry so much about how much you weigh day to day. That can be a discouraging influence. RIDE for the sheer joy of riding! Eventually, you will surprise yourself to find you are doing more miles...
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    What are the best anti-theft tricks around?

    Last spring, riding around downtown, I talked to a bikecop. He asked me about my bike. I told him I bought it at a pawn shop. The cop told me he has seen stolen police department bikes at some of the pawn shops!
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    Your favourite meal/recipe?

    Slice of fresh home-grown tomato on toast for breakfast. For dinner, Chinese.
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    And now for something completely different

    My guess is sub-consciously (in the minds of the other mom's) you are now serious competition and a potential threat to their own security.
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    Anyway, its horsing it down here...

    Don't mean to add to your misery but: We're having some beautiful weather here in S/E Virginia, mid 80's (F), low humidity, sunny, ocean surf temp still in upper 70's (not good for hurricane development but great for swimming and surfing).
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    Best Cycling Song Ever ! (Nominations)

    "Born to be Wild" - Steppenwolf
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    Favourite music / musician

    New current favorite I'm listening to a LOT now: Robben Ford!.....Got really beautiful tones out of his Les Paul, better than any I've heard, when he recently toured with Greg Allman.
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    Favourite music / musician

    Just saw Greg Allman in concert a couple weeks ago. He had a really great guitarist with him by the name of Robben Ford. Man could he make that Les Paul sing!
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    G Strings : now banned in Virginia USA

    Yup, ya gotta wonder!.......The bill is regarding showing any undies and is not g-string specific.........Mercans aren't all stupid but these idiots in the Virginny State Legislature aren't doing anything for the image..........What happens to some poor kid in school whose class mates give him a...
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    Should Harry's Minders be Replaced...

    I don't have a beef with any of what you guys are saying on this subject. Apparently the press on the opposite side of the "Big Pond" is as bad as over here. And like I said before, people are just getting to sensitive and whiny, no matter where they are from. Can't anyone take a joke anymore?
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    Should Harry's Minders be Replaced...

    Isn't that something? Royalty, behaving more stupidly than a Merkan! And he's British!
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    Best Concert/Gig/Live Show

    Hey Lim, From a number of comments of yours I get the impression you really like Pink Floyd........I do too. Just can't listen to them me too much dejavu! Know what I mean?
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    Favourite music / musician

    OK, OK. Ya got me. I had been listening to Santana a lot at work. Now I'm back to bluesmen like Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Al King and some more recent fellas like SRV, Mayall, Clapton. It's not really that accurate to pick out a favorite, I guess.