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    Bradley Wiggins joins Sky

    Did your wife just leave you, or are you always this nice?
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    Britain's Greatest?

    Some people don't even need drugs to get a weird effect in their head, Classic. Give them a little platform and they act like complete tools- baiting people, telling them off and generally being unpleasant. No doubt this is even worse when that person is clearly on drugs. That's why...
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    I don't see where Drongo made any allegation about doping. I think he was talking about the inconsistency in Ferrari's statements about when he stopped working with top level riders. He makes no allegation about Ferrari doping his riders. So who's stirring the pot?
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    One of the monuments and no post? Excellent summary, as always, here: 2009 Giro di Lombardia Live Video, Route, Preview, Teams, Results, Photos aka Tour of Lombardy My pick is Samu - but how could you go against Gilbert with the form he has? He couldn't win 4 races in a week and a half...
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    This Forum is not dying

    Ring the velo, ask which clubs ride/train there. Then ring the clubs and ask about their track cycling. If it's like Oz,there'll be a few old club bikes for you to hire while you figure out if track is your thing. Then turn up to ride at a club practice session. After a few of those, you may be...
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    Other forum follies

    I see TFF has been banned from CNF. (Anyone else here been baned from CNF?) Any clues why TFF was banned from CNF? How long is he out for anyway? One thing about this forum is that it's a little more lenient on creative expression than dpf or CNF - and TFF has a way with words! Hope...
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    AFLD begins re-testing of 2008 Tour doping controls

    Cyclists don't need to take medication to lose weight? :confused: Look up Nathan O'Neill. He wasn't busted for taking Beefcake 2000. Why did Wiggins say he's riding well these days? What did Armstrong say was the reason he became a better rider after cancer? WHat is the most useful way to...
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    Mendrisio elite road race

    Which they did - witness Cunego and Gilbert Except - boom - they didn't go. They sat on. Race over. If it was dumb to let Kolobnev and Evans go - and it was - even by your own reasoning it was monumentally stupid not to attack when Cunego and Gilbert went and then Cancellara towed them back...
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    Mendrisio elite road race

    Okay, this is my final go. 1. Cance did lead the Spanish up. Cunego went, then Gilbert, then Cance, dragging the rest. He was knackered, which is why he waited until the end of the climb to attack (Breschel helped him too). Valverde was supposed to be marking Cunego, but he didn't. None of...
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    Mendrisio elite road race

    Agree with the last point. Interesting little argument, but it ignores that the non-Spaniards DID try to chase. First Cunego. He was shot by halfway up the hill, though. Valverde was his designated marker, but Valverde was spent, and couldn't use him as a sprinboard for anything. I'm not even...
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    Mendrisio elite road race

    Yeah, but if it was a strength test they'd just strap you to a power meter and be done with it. Cancellara usually plays it smart, Evans usually fluffs it - this time, Cancellara spent his chips on the downhill as well as the second last hill - he should have waited until the last hill before...
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    Bike Shows in Australia

    There was a big two day show in Melbourne a month or two ago. It was a trade show though - no punters. There may be a public show soon though, or so I hear.
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    Inner arm tattoos

    EPO is injected into the arm, not the ****. A good doctor lets their patient get an inner arm tat. Saves from nasty questions and makeup. A better doc goes autologous. The best doc does things haven't heard about. :D
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    Bed time story

    Love your work, Helmut. Chapeau bas.
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    Armstrong gets rid of Catlin

    It's funny how you quote Wilde and then immediately abuse Helmut. You called him out for saying you were an acolyte, and then you termed him incompetent. At least be consistent. You're posting for an argument - nothing more, nothing less. You've pitched it about right - the 'just tell me...