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    anyone doing the iroman wisconsin?

    maybe we can hook up! it is my first one and i am a medical student inthe collegiate series for this one. hopefully we can partner up. take care. Justus
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    Shirts required

    it probably has to do with the amount of media attention coming in on ironmans. swimmers can go bare torso though
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    Indoor trainer selection

    how much do they cost? what is the pro and con of owning one?
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    To shave or not to shave? Opinions???

    you can get them laser removed for life!
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    anyone doing ironman wisconsin!?

    want to meet anyone doing the ironman wisconsin this year, this week! i will be doing my first ironman and would like to hook up with you maybe make you a mentor!! take care and post back! Justus Peters
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    Tyler Hamilton talks about the stage 1 crash

    remember tyler and phonak 2004 tdf!
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    6hr ride or two 3hr rides??

    you can also do 3 two hour rides, and have 3 breaks!
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    Girls.... and what should I do

    i think this is depressing