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    I think it depends on the season. I think bright clothing is a good idea especially if you are going to be riding in or near the night. I think that tighter clothing is more recommending also. I do not think skirts and such would be recommended while riding. Maybe if you are commuting to work or...
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    Advantages Of Women Riders

    I think this might be in the mans programming. I think that men are programmed as natural protectors of the female. This is why they do this on bikes as well as you would see them shielding the woman they are walking with from vehicles and walking on the outside by the street.
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    Pushing The Limit Of Women

    I think this is true also. There are a lot of areas in our lives that we do not meet the expectations placed upon men. These expectations of men have been proven by men time after time. I think this is why a lot of US employers do not want to match the pay of a woman and a man. Because this...
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    Do People Underestimate You?

    I can see and certainly understand these challenges you face. I am an electronics engineering student and when I first started the program there were not too many other female students. I felt like there were a lot of challenges for me. Most of the men in the classes where already used to...
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    womens bike colours... do women really want pink?

    I know I am no ordinary woman, but I have found there are a lot of women who are not ordinary and would not have the guts to admit it, I would not want pink. I would say this in a matter of speaking, you see I do not like the pretty, pastel pink most people think of when they think baby girls. I...
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    Crossfit And Biking.

    I cannot say that I have. I can say that I might from now on. The gym is open 7 days and open 24 hours for five of these 7 days. I am really considering it. This might help with other areas of feeling a little more fit also.
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    Your Favorite Ftp Building Workout

    I think this is quite impressive. I have not tested myself like this with watts. But I am glad to be reading about it. I am going to be checking into the matter a little more. I have started to fitness train. I am very out of shape, not just my waist. I am rather enjoying the way I feel hours...
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    What Is Your Resting Morning Heart Rate?

    Wow, I have heard this is a good resting heart rate for morning. I do not get a full eight hours of sleep any one night. I have been having a few issues with my heart and cardiology system. I would like to remain at rest all the time, just because like I will get on the bike and before peddling...
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    Any Good.

    Wow, I am not sure if it is excellent as far as industry standards go, however, I think it is quite impressive. I have only just now begun training on the stationary bike at the gym. I have my reasons. After all it is air conditioned and I am on level ground. I have not done more than 30...
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    watts to calories

    Wow, this was an excellent post. I am an electronics engineering student and have yet to have an instructor explain power quite like this. I think I finally understand power based upon your explanation. I am glad I read this thread. I have always heard there are instructors who teach different...
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    Shaving the Legs

    I think more than male cyclists shave their legs. There are a lot of male athletes that shave their legs all together. This is because it helps give them a little speed.
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    Step Through Or Triagular Frame?

    This does sound like a great bike. I am sure you like it very much. I do not like the traditional women's bike. I have never been a big fan of these bikes, because I like the way the bikes made for men ride. I never wear skirts especially when riding so it does not matter too much.
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    Biking in heels...anyone have trouble doing it?

    That is quite interesting. I have never thought to commute to work on my bicycle. Of course I live like 20 miles from my job. I wear casual clothing at my job also. I guess I would not have to worry about making any decisions to bike in my heels. But wow, that is amazing that someone could do...
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    Advantages Of Women Riders

    This does sound like a positive certainly. I don't know if I like traveling in groups though. I have been alone most of my life and I have grown accustomed to this. I am not sure if I would want to ride in a group myself, but it does seem like it was a great experience for you.
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    Cycling With Kids

    Wow, this is way too early for me to be up. Or, should I lately say it is much too late for me to be up. I work the overnight shift. I have never been much of a morning person. I think it sounds like great memory makers for the nieces and nephews who were involved in this.