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    Campy's $2800 disposable wheels

    Well, years later, and I'm still riding on those Hyperon tubulars. In fact, I have two sets now. The "crack" turned out to be part of the decal. It turns out these are the most rugged wheels on the planet. I ride rough chipseal with cattle guards, and one set of Hyperons has 40,000 miles, with...
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    Campy Hyperon Wheels - WOW

    I have ridden nothing but tubulars since the early '70s, and beween 1981 and today, I've owned over 500 of them. I've used every brand over the years, and until I started using Tufos, I used Continental Sprinter 250s, a really decent tire. I can state accurately that no tubular even approaches...
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    Campy Hyperon Wheels - WOW

    My everyday wheels and race wheels have been Hyperon tubulars for the past four years. I have two identical (one black and one white) Look 585s, and each bike has a set of Hyperon tubulars. Yup, I'm an idiot. I have two sets of Hyperons. My Zipp 202s and 303s are for sale. This is the best...
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    Sheryl and Lance call it quits

    I'm just amazed how people eat up gossip about two total strangers that they know nothing about. I get tired of the old "story behind the story" routine. All the conjecture is silly.
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    How Many Road Bikes Do You Have

    Look 585, Campy Record, Campy Hyperon tubulars. Worship me. :D Airborne Torch, Campy Record, Zipp 202 tubulars Torelli Scappa, Campy Record, Zipp 303 tubulars Airborne Spectre TT, Campy Record, Zipp 909s Gios Torino Professional (1982), vintage Campy 7-speed Looking for a new high-end...
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    Favourite tubular racing tire

    I ride nothing but tubulars, and have for the past 25 years...300 tubulars of all different brands. In the old days, I used Vittoria CXs in the front and CGs in the back, and switched to Panaracers, then Continental Sprinter 250s which I rode happily for ten years. Then, while at a race about...
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    Torelli Cyclocross Bike?

    Torelli frames are sweethearts...I've owned three, and my wife currently has one. The workmanship is meticulous, and the paint jobs are amazing, with the decals under the clearcoat. I only vaguely remember a cyclocross frame, but I'll guess it was $1,000 to $1,300 new? I'll e-mail Chairman Bill...
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    What kind of shoes are best?

    BTW, I love Sidi cycling shoes...great product...but Vittoria shoes are the most comfortable right out of the box, requiring no break-in, they're extremely light, and the carbon sole versions place your foot closer to the pedal. I've bought one pair per year for the past six years, and they're...
  9. Scarpelli long?

    I have a dozen bibs and shorts that I rotate, so it's hard to tell how long they last. But, I've had some for five years that still have good padding, and I wash them after every ride. I just threw out some that had life left, but they must have been twenty years old...they were kind of the...
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    What kind of shoes are best?

    The number one reason for toes getting numb while riding is leaning forward and jamming your feet into your shoes. I bet your neck and shoulders are tired, too. Relax back on the saddle, and pedal with your legs, not your feet. Float your feet in your shoes, and don't curl your toes up!
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    Sheryl and Lance call it quits

    My first thought was she failed the drug test. :rolleyes: Am I the only one who doesn't give a **** about anyone's personal life??
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    How many miles do you have on your knees?

    I've ridden 150,000 miles in my 25 competitive years, and my knees are fine. If only I could get a lower back transplant, though... :(
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    Help with Hill %

    The trick is to climb an 8% grade at a fast enough pace that the atmospheric pressure drops quickly enough to make your ears pop. This feat gets harder and harder every year...
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    'Made up for cycling'

    There are many indicators; some genetic, some environmental, and some mental. Are you generally lean? Were you a good runner when you were a kid? Were you fast for short distances, or did you have long distance endurance? Are you competitive in things you do, or are you lazy and passive? Very...
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    What were your best efforts on a bike?

    I think back at my best efforts in the saddle, and they don't all relate to wins, (although my '02 district TT win was satisfying.) My most memorable effort was in the Huntsman World Senior Games road race a few years ago, in a six-man break. Another rider and I went off the back on "the wall"...