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    Am I too heavy for my bike?

    Don't sweat it. I am so big that when I got on my bike at the local store to ride home, my cell phone rang, and a nearby pedestrian yelled, "Look out! He's backing up...."
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    Riding The White Line

    Not even when I used to drink tequila. That's insane even by my standards, and I don't have any standards......
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    Favorite Chain Lube

    I use something called "White Lightening" Chain Cleaner and Lube. I use it because it is what is easily available here. I think it is a dry lube. For really nasty chains, that I am not ready to replace, like when I find an old junker bike to restore, I spray them down with Break Free and scrub...
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    Junk bikes

    I love restoring old bikes. That's how I got my User Name. I restore old classic Schwinns. My newest bike that I own is over 20 years old. And I ride all of them...a lot. An old bicycle may just be worth $10.00 or $20.00 to someone else, but to me, they are priceless. They are transportation...
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    Starting Out Road Cycling, How To Avoid Intimidation?

    You just have to get used to it. Most American drivers are very unfriendly towards bicycles on the roadways. But, at least in my state (Ga.) by law, bicycles are legal vehicles and are just as entitled to the use of public roadways as are cars.
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    For When Your Regular Horn Isn't Enough... Now Introducing Train Horns For Harassing Cyclists.

    He might have been a little far out, but that's no excuse for the train horn. That could cause an accident. That would be illegal in my state, and if anyone does that to me, I will be owning their car, and maybe their house, before it is over. The maximum level for a passenger vehicle in Ga. is...
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    Is road cycling dangerous?

    Driving a car is the 4th leading cause of death in the US, right after cancer and heart disease. It is considerably higher than the stats even for violent crime. If you drive, you have a 1 in 3 chance of being involved in a car accident at some point. 1 in 20 will be involved in a serious...
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    Bad Roads Bad On The Bike

    Our roads here in N. Ga leave a little to be desired. But, the main part you have to worry about is your tires, rims, and wheel-sets. You might want to consider getting a used 'Sport' road bike to use as a beater for those type roads. Sew-up tires suffer especially bad on rough roads, as do thin...
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    Long Distance Cycling

    20 miles??? That's nothing, even for me, and I am over 55 and overweight. I ride that far almost every day (it's 9 miles to the nearest town). Ride some centuries. Start at 50 miles, and work up to 100, 200, and even 300-mile multi-day trips. Then, you are doing long-distance cycling. You...
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    Would It Be Wrong Of Me To Swap Out For Platform Pedals

    I am not crazy about clipless pedals, either. I tried them for a bit, then went back to my Power Grips. There is a compromise available. Bike Nashbar sells 'Rodeo' pedals that have SPD on one side, and standard platform on the other, so you can have it both ways.
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    Disc Brakes

    I guess they are OK, but I never saw anything wrong with plain old properly-adjusted and maintained caliper breaks. I really love cantilever brakes. They are easy to work on, adjust and maintain. Disc-brakes...well, I live 30-45 miles from the nearest bike shop, so I am not crazy about anything...
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    Biking In Winter?

    I do it every year (of course, I live in Ga, USA, so the winters aren't that bad here, as a rule), so I am going to say, yes, it's very doable. I am sure most IDIDABIKE riders will agree with me. Use a commuter, or mountain bike with some good knobbies. The smaller frames are a bit more...
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    Not a problem for me. I seldom wear a helmet.
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    Ideas For Checking For Cars Approaching From Behind?

    It's not a problem around here, because cars usually start honking their horns about 50 yards back, or more, and the Finger-Birds start flying at about 10 yards. Just to be sure you know they are coming, they signal with loud 4-letter words as they pass. Obviously, they believe communication is...