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    How does it make you feel when people say negative things about cyclists?

    I try not to pay attention to it. Most of the people who make those comments don't ride, so why get in a bother about it....
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    Do you wash your feet?

    I shower after every ride, and my feet get proper cleaning.
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    What is fast?

    Speed isn't a top priority for me. I am content to stay in the 18-20 mph range. Having said that, I will admit it's great fun going down a hill and hitting 35 or higher.
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    How long do you usually go for a ride daily?

    Usually I ride 20-30 miles. If it's a weekend and I have nothing to do, I might ride 4-6 hours.
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    Cycling Accident

    I've never had one involving a vehicle, but I was knocked over by a guy running out from some trees by the road., and hit a pothole I thought was just a puddle. Both times I suffered some skin loss and bruises. Ohhh yeah, there was one time, when i was a senior in High School. I was riding on a...
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    Do you wash your feet?

    Yep, I sure so...once a year whether they need it or not...:p
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    Summer heat discourages cycling

    I live in West Texas, where the temperatures get over 100 degrees regularly during the summer. I try to ride early in the morning or late afternoon, but I have been out when it's been in the 90s. I drink lots of water and things like gatorade to replace fluids, and try to plan my rides where I...
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    Ragen Chastain

    I think we are all a little over-concerned with weight. I know I get anxious if I pass 190 on the scales. Advertisers have made millions promoting "ideal" weight and size. Women especially seem to be targeted, with models being paraded as the way they should all look. Men are bombarded with...
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    Tips to lose weight without dieting

    As I said, he did talk about healthy eating . My original post was not very detailed.
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    What's Up With All The People In Racing Suits And Expensive Bikes?

    I wear non descript cycling shorts (plain black) and jersey. I don't like advertising for free , either lol. I'm 70, and I remember the '70's. We called them Rhinestone Cowboys or Dude Ranch hands...:D
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    What's Up With All The People In Racing Suits And Expensive Bikes?

    Is it any different than someone buying the jersey of a team they follow, or a racing style jacket just like Jeff Gordon? How about buying a car with a spoiler, wing, and mag wheels like a GT race car? Nobody i know who wears a cycling team jersey is claiming to be a TdF or professional rider...
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    Tips to lose weight without dieting

    There was more to it that just that, but his point was you can't eat like a hog and sit on your can and lose weight, He also advised eating healthy foods and avoiding junkfood and fats, among other things.
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    What makes road cycling fun and interesting for you?

    Just being out on the road, enjoying the effort and the scenery.
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    Annual birthday ride !

    Last year I managed to finish 70 miles for my 70th birthday. The year before, I go 50 of the 69, but having fought 25 mph headwinds with gusts even higher for most of that 50, I ran out of "gas" and had to have the wife come get me., I did the other 19 the following day.
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    Seat post up the ****...Grrrrrr

    The bolt holding my seat on the post broke while riding last fall,. I had to ride 10 miles to home standing in the pedals. I sat back once, forgetting the seat was not there, and I was hitting notes only dogs could hear. I carry extra bolts...