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    20 Most Bike Friendly Cities

    Thailand is a fine place. They train HARD!!!!
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    Athletes Needed For Study

    look no further, I'm at the top of my game and hard as a rock.
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    Getting harassed while training!

    you've got to pound their asses......hard! make them wish they'd never opened their pie holes by filling them up with your manhood.
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    Music While Riding?
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    Clipless Riders Keep Falling Into The Rideau Canal In Ottawa Canada

    i once rode straight into a mexican latrine (just a hole in the ground filled with diarrhea) because i couldn't get my feet out of the clips fast enough.
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    Where are you from,what do you do?

    i'm learning the Swahili Pygmy style and the health benefits are incredible!
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    look at that greedy white devil stuff his pie hole.
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    lots of cheese!!!! and melon(s).
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    now about that chicken dance?...
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    The Example Comes From Above

    and smegma!
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    Warning Points?

    do you know the chicken dance?
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    Guess Who's Back... :d

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    Best Way To Relax After A Long Ride

    wait...which kind did you mean???
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    Best Way To Relax After A Long Ride

    no, i meant the other kind.