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    Tom Danielson Tests Positive For Testosterone

    something tells me tom broke it on twitter.
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    Your Predictions For The Tour De France?

    porte certainly enhanced his earnings potential as a gc contender, lim. question remains as to which teams are left with a bankroll large enough and vacancy to bring him aboard. bmc? teejay's future may be known on spanish tarmac. and brailsford did froome no favours in releasing wattage...
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    Your Predictions For The Tour De France?

    say what you will, but alberto trying the giro-tour double is worthy of admiration. much more so than brailsford and sky doing the infamous "let's target the tour above all else" strategy. team sky--discovery mk. ii
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    Cycling on tv?

    figuring you to be a us citizen, you are up against it like a good many of us. the only channel which may be included in your cable offerings would be nbc sports (formerly outdoor, formerly versus or vice versa). they hold the tdf broadcast rights and show several other races as part of their...
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    Cycling Dissertation

    "wheelmen" by albergotti and o'connell if you'd like a glimpse at the financial dealings armstrong, bruyneel, et. al. employed in their cheating. the report does not deal exclusively with that aspect, but i give the two wall street journal writers credit for bringing that part forward.
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    The Legend.. Steve Hed passes away.

    truly saddened to read this. much too soon for him to pass. i admired his work enough to have purchased ardennes and have never regretted it. a quiet giant and a wonderfully inquisitive mind from all i've read. my sincere condolences to his family on their loss.
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    2014 UCI World Championships

    chapeau to kwiatkowski. cannot write he is a stranger to the podium, but have to admit that this win makes me wonder if he shouldn't merit a higher position on his team come the grand tours in the coming years. and wiggo is a puzzler. nice palmare to his career. good way to end his road...
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    Evidence overwhelmingly indicates Greg LeMond Doped....

    quite a shocker that someone from the foundation overtly demeans the former figurehead, though. i'm reading confirmation that armstrong's recent activities are not very sincere in his apology tour.
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    Evidence overwhelmingly indicates Greg LeMond Doped....

    ta for the link, lim. interesting read. off to find the actual letter.
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    Tour De France 2014

    that and a share of luck--thinking of evans' attempt to win the gc a few years ago riding his guts out with broken bones.
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    Tour De France 2014

    still for all that, had contador remained, his abilities on the slopes and a relative even match (i'd be tipping contador) at the itt, i'd imagine contador would have given nibali a real test. that being said, nibali rode majestically and answered every challenge laid before him by valverde and...
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    Armstrong vs LeMond

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    The Armstrong Lie ( Official Trailer )

    not to quibble too greatly, but the men you defend chose to participate in the sport. in doing so, they agreed to participate under the rules stated by their various national governing bodies all of which were accepting rules as laid down by the uci which, in turn, complied with the ioc and...
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    The Armstrong Lie ( Official Trailer )

    yes, doping has always been a problem with cycling. oddly enough, cycling authorities have sanctioned cheats with varying degrees of penalties since that first time. as for those you cite as dopers, i'd like to believe that the authorities would sanction them as well, but for a statute of...
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    Evidence overwhelmingly indicates Greg LeMond Doped....

    so we can figure this lemond thing is your granny gossip fence?