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    ******** Spammers

    The admins need to get the finger out and if this kind of junk is causing a work overload then they need to get other people involved to clean the place up. Steve
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    Bike insurance

    Just wondering if anyone on here has their bike insured or even if such a thing exists ? I've heard of it before but never actually spoke to anyone that's actually done it. Thanks, Steve
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    Yet another new road bike thread

    Thanks for the replies, I think 105 will be fine for me and as the guy in the shop said I won't have any problems doing 200k a week on it. I've looked at the Avanti Corsa and the Specialized Tarmac Comp a lot and consider them to be my main options. The Corsa has full Ultegra gear with an...
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    Yet another new road bike thread

    Hello everyone, probably gonna get flamed for this one but I just wanted to know what peoples thoughts are. I moved to Sydney recently and didn't bring my bike with me although it was a modest road bike and was only used for commuting which I did nearly everyday. I want to start cycling here...
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    Fixing punctures while out on the road....

    I think I'll have to invest in one of these removal kits. I'll need to be able to do this on the roadside as I'm gonna get into cycling for more than just commuting. I've had to use kitchen utensils at home in the past to get tyres off the wheels (I'm not joking).
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    advice on purchasing a new entry level roadie?

    There's a large cycle shop in Chatswood just outside Sydney, I've been in the shop a few times at the weekends looking at the mens Avanti's and Specialized stuff as I'm gonna purchase myself. If I'm in again this weekend I'll check if they have that Vuelta, they did have about four or five...
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    Fixing punctures while out on the road....

    I have always had great difficulty getting the tire off the wheel when changing and I've never done it on the road as a result, always at home after I walk home with the bike. My cycling adventures have always involved a short commute to work but since moving to Australia I am looking into...