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    We should suggest a bigger fine for Bikenapping so it would be lessen this kind of incident. Crooks do this kind of activity because it is an easy target. They can easily sell it underground for a good price.As this incident increases all riders should be aware at all times. Discipline is a good...
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    Should I Buy A Ready Made Bike Or Customized?

    Original of course, original is original no matter what they say. Me, when i try to buy something first thing i would ask is, is it original?even it is always quite expensive. You will get the exact ratio if you buy the original one unlike the customized one that always come with experiment.
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    Electric Bikes

    i find electric bike good in terms of saving money but not electricity. But, i find it annoying when i see them on highways,feeling they have registration and license to ride.Last week, i passed an accident involving e- bike and a car and they arguing who is wrong and obviously if you know the...
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    Having headlight at night

    Headlights should be the most important parts of any car or bicycle especially when you always travel at night. Mostly,accident do happen because bicycle has no tail-light or headlight, or it is blind.
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    Riding in tandem

    It is one of the major crime now in our country.It should be stop by lawmen as it affects not only the life our love ones but also the life of our economy. Strict enforcement of the law should be done to fight against this inhumane activity.
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    Avoiding Accidents On The Road

    Guidelines are only guidelines still we are the one who make the decision.As car-owner,motorcycle rider, i read and study all the guidelines and find it effective for me.Not all people follow this guideline as they are lack of self-discipline and they do not respect any authorized person who set...