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    What is the suitable mountain bike in 350$?

    I just bought a 10 year old Kona Caldera, in near perfect condition, off Craigslist for $200. I would start there. Fantastic deals are to be had if you look.
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    Hayes brake help...

    I just picked up a Kona Caldera and I need some advice on the brakes, the master cylinders specifically. The ones on the bike are pretty rashed up and I'd like to just replace them with newer masters, if possible. I see that the current Hayes Radar has a "flip-flop" design that allows the brakes...
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    What would be a good starter mountain bike in the $400 dollar range?

    Agreed... I just picked up a 10 year old Kona Caldera on Craigslist for $200. It was an almost $1200 bike when it was new. It needs some brake work done, and new pedals, but otherwise it's perfect.
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    Mountain bike shoes for big feet

    I have a high volume foot, too. Mine aren't as long as yours, but I need a WIDE toe box. I've always found Diadora's shoes to roomy enough for me, especially if I go a half size larger. They seem to build their shoes on wider lasts.