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    riding in baghdad

    "im not a hero..i cant imagine being a im not. im just doing my job.." B.H., I'm a Parachute Rigger, Navy type. Nobody who is a true hero thinks of themselves as a hero, even when the time comes to be one. All of you in-country are our hero's...doing a job nobody else can or wants...
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    Flat bar Trek 1200 or Giant CRX1

    Just poked my head in to say I was in Hobart and Perth aboard the USS Carl Vinson in 1994. Very beautiful countryside you have there! I wish I'd had my bike with me. I would love to get over to Aus/NZ on my own when I retire. Good luck finding a bike, mate!
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    Which rider would you like to have a pint with and why ??

    I think it's telling that nobody's mentioned LeMond...I gotta go with Bobke, he's just so enthusiastic about cycling and has an off the wall sense of humor like I do. Hmmm I'd have to say Sean Kelly too. Just cuz... dude, it's Sean friggin' Kelly!
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    Fit or fat? What is your body fat percentage?

    5'4" and 117lbs. I'm pretty skinny, but I have relatively broad shoulders. I could probably carry 140 fine, but I'm so active and the genes won't allow it !;) When I was younger, being skinny used to really bother me, but as I've gotten older I appreciate the fact that I can eat anything without...
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    A dog bit me during my ride!

    They used to sell doggie pepper spray called Halt! in Nashbar. It doesn't have to be just for dogs. A company called Gall's sells pepper spray. Just check your local laws first. I think their web addy is A good squirt with your water bottle can be effective and I will not hesitate...
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    What's In Your Wedge?

    Patches, tube, 1 tire lever, couple bucks and my driver's license and military ID. In my jersey I carry my cell, a couple of tubes of Gu and usually a banana (hey, I get hungry!) On my rear valve I keep one of those presta-schraeder adapter things. When I'm mountain biking, I carry that, plus a...
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    Favorite Helmet?

    I wear the Giro Boreas, the ancestor to the Atmos. I have a little head, so it looks dumb (yes, it fits right) but damn, it's like not wearing a helmet.
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    Things a real cyclist will never say!

    I think John Stamstad would argue that point, but nothing suggests that he's actually human!
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    Running into things

    Read my "user names" post!:D I've never broken anything! I've gotten cuts, bruises, road/dirt/tree rash and a date from a coffee shop girl when she say my muddy ripped tights and bloody knee after a mountain bike ride!:p
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    Food Addictions - got one?

    I would have to add good coffee and good beer to my list. It really doesn't matter if it's a pilsner, stout or whatever, but Guiness or Murphy's are at the top. I lived near Seattle for several years, so I had my pick of coffee and beer. I'm Bohemian, so gotta go with Pilsen Urquell too. My...
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    Running into things

    Over the past twenty or so years, between mountain biking, road riding and various drunken misadventures ... Parked, unoccupied car (was on the way home from buying a new mountain bike, and stone cold sober), some a$$hole's car door when he flung it open in front of me, trees, curbs, other...
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    Newb to Rollers - Help?

    If you find you hate rollers, I'll take 'em! :D I've wanted a set for a few years now, but I can't afford them. Does anybody know if you can make them?
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    What The [email protected]!!!

    I am not one of those "I'll sue because I didn't know the coffee I just bought was hot" types, but sue the wankers, Bill!
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    Food Addictions - got one?

    If I could afford it, I would probably drink a six-pack of Coke a day. A close second is cliche for a cyclist, but I could eat some form of pasta or another every day. I gotta have my carbs! There was a Chinese restaurant in my brother's city that was shut down because they found cat in the...
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    Ti frame finish

    I was thinking of having my Mongoose Pro Ti road frame painted, but does anyone know about giving it a brushed finish? It's polished right now, and I was just thinking of doing something different. A good paint job will be about $200 or so and I don't know If I want to go to the trouble or the...