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    255 lbs a problem for Carbon Frame?

    Why not full carbon? I'm by no means a racer @ 6' 215lbs. I bought my first road bike last July. A Trek 5000. Full carbon nothing real fancy but it does the job. $1999. I set out to buy a Trek 2300. After my fitting the LBS owner set up several bikes to test ride. I really liked the ride of the...
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    Cateve Odometer

    I'm using a Cat Eye Astrale 8 on my bike. Riding one of the measured local bike paths here marked at 5.2 miles I zeroed the trip odometer at the start. When I reached the end of the path my odometer read 5.201. Mine seems to be real accurate basing it on that ride.
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    Life expectancy of a tire.

    I'm riding a 2004 Trek 5000 with Bontrager 700x25 tires. With 2100 miles on it the I see the rear tire is substantially worn compared to the front. I know the rear will wear faster than the front especially when I look in the mirror and see what it has to deal with:eek: . I don't see any cord...
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    Indoor Trainers

    It was pretty simple. All I did was opened it as to remove the wheel, then loosened and removed the capnut on the opposite side, then pulled it straight out. Just take note of how the two springs go in. I had mine on a bike stand and I was surprised when I removed the skewer the wheel stayed in...
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    Indoor Trainers

    The man in the Big Brown Truck delivered my Cycleops Fluid 2 yesterday. I purchased it at Agee's Bikes in Virginia. I thought it was pretty reasonable. $213.99 Plus $12.00 shipping. Setup was pretty easy. Did two sessions with it so far, seems to give you a pretty good workout. We had a...
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    Cycleops Fluid 2

    I just finished my first session on my Fluid 2. I hooked it up to Trek 7200 hybrid. After 50 minutes I must admit I worked up a pretty good sweat. I have to do a little research on the proper way to use it. Tonight I tried to keep my cadence between 90-95 RPM. That put and kept my heart rate...
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    How many of you carry a gun as part of your cycling equipment?

    Should I carry a gun while riding? Well guys and girls whereever your from, thats my decision as a law abiding American Citizen. Some twenty five years ago I applied for my NY State pistol permit. I went through all the backround checks and so on and so forth required to obtain my carry...
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    Jerky Spinning

    Do you have a computer with a cadence counter on it? Sounds like you may be spinning too fast, if so drop down to the next gear. I'm pretty new to the spinning method. I experience the same bouncing or jerking in the saddle when I get up over 105 rpm. I just shift it to the next gear and the...
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    Performance 20% coupon

    I'm looking for a fluid 2 myself. If you don't have any luck finding a Performance coupon. Check out the website below seems like a real good price and shipping is reasonable too.
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    Trek 5000 v Lemond Zurich

    I'm basically a fair weather rider. If I get caught in the rain after I'm out "Oh WEll". The biggest reason for buying the 5000 was the way it fit and the smooth ride. No regrets so far.
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    Trek 5000 v Lemond Zurich

    I bought a 5000. Great bike, haven't found a thing to gripe about yet. Smooth ride,. I ride for basically the same reason. I have no intentions of racing. My usual weekend ride is 50-60 miles and 15-25 miles a few nights during the week. The 5000 seems to get my heart pumping pretty good and...
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    Performance or Cycleops

    I'm looking into buying a trainer this year. I have it pretty much narrowed down to the PerformancTravelTrac Fluid Plus or the CycleOps Fluid 2. I have no experience with them at all, but I hear the fluid trainers are the quietest and give the most realistic feel. Anyone using either of these...
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    What to train on?

    I really don't mind spending the money on another bike. Next year I plan on commuting back and forth to work. I'd feel much better about having a Trek 1200 or 1500 locked up to a bike rack outside the plant than my 5000. After riding a roadbike for just short of a couple months the 7200 isn't...
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    What to train on?

    I've heard a lot of good things about the Performance fluid trainers. I see they have two models a fluid and a fluid plus. the plus seems to have fluid and mag resistance . Which model do you have? Thanks
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    Trek 5200 Vs. 5000

    I just bought a 5000 last month all I can say it is one great bike. I didn't buy it to race so the super light wheels and tires were no an issue. The smoothness of the ride is what sold me on the bike. The 105 brakes seem to work just fine. I did upgrade the 105 front derailer to ultegra but $30...