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    World's easiest quiz

    Hmph. The real dimwits are the people who assigned those names. :D
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    Anyone riding the tour of the Hills?

    Hey, I live in the Hills district! :D Sounds interesting (not that I'm likely to ride it) but I don't know anything about it (then again I usually don't know anything about anything unless it's on the front page of Yahoo News)... When is it on? Do you know the route?
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    Formula 1 2003

    Generally, I think most of the changes are reasonable. I don't really like removal of car->pit telemetry and team/driver radio communication (might rob us of some interesting adaptable strategies, for instance to cater for changeable weather or out-of-position qualifying; such strategies might...
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    Forum Changes

    Wow, that was quick!!! :o<br /><br />Thanks! :D
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    Forum Changes

    <br /><br />Hi Steve,<br /><br />Can there please pretty please be 30 posts on the 'Recent Posts' page via too?<br /><br />Thanks!
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    Forum Changes

    Thanks, Steve. I'll do that! :)
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    Forum Changes

    Hi Steve,<br /><br />Most people around here know better than to ask for suggestions when I'm around ;D. Here are a few:<br /><br />On the Recent Posts page, each post starts with a header line containing a number, a forum category, a forum name, the thread's title, and a timestamp. Currently...
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    Number of topics

    My AUD$0.02...<br /><br />I agree with Rhodent. I like this site, but it's a bit of a nuisance going into so many forums to see what's changed. I mostly use the Recent Posts, but since I'm an intermittent lurker that doesn't work wonderfully either. (Unless we could page back through recent...
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    Training Programs

    <br /><br />Did they say what the indicators for that were? (More intervals before base training, I mean. Not that I don't find base training wildly exciting, of course. ;))
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    Triathlete dies after hit-and-run

    <br />It was appealed, and the sentence has been doubled to a five-year jail term with parole eligibility after three years.<br /><br />Full story here.<br /><br /><br />[/siz]
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    Ok girls - just how many of us are there here?

    <br /><br />Well, it seems I only post here to admit I'm just a lurker. Can't let you two have all the fun though. ;D<br /><br />34 :o, also live in Sydney, but a looong way from Engadine ;) and I'm not a cyclist (yet) anyway. Interested, particularly now it's nice weather, but no time at the...
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    Where are you from,what do you do?

    Hello all<br /><br />Vo2 threatened me with &quot;the consequences&quot; :o if I didn't post in this thread, so here I am. Chicken, huh? ;D<br /><br /><br />Where - Sydney, Australia.<br /><br />Training - Hm. Well. Yes. Actually, I'm not a cyclist (yet!), but someone who is pointed me at this...
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    [delurk]<br />Looks great, guys... love the speed too! ;)<br />[relurk]