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    Rail Trail

    pardon my ignorance but, Where are you? :o jus' curious.
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    gary fisher 2004 nirvana or trek 2004 hybrid 7300?? please help...

    yup what bill said. I rode the 7100 & 7200 and bought the Fisher Tiburon and I love it! :) Enjoy the ride.
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    Bar End Installation

    This worked for me: Mix up some mild dishsoap and warm water. Lay your bike down so gravity will help you. Take an eyedropper filled w/ the soap & water and slip in between your grip and handlebar. Drip a couple drips at a time in there as far as you can get. Squeeze and twist your grip. Repeat...
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    What's in Your Bottle?

    shouldn't pee be an option after all the discussion on this board about that??!?!?!?
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    7-speed cassette replacement

    I'm not having trouble with the chain jumping ... I just don't like the jump. When pedaling even if I would go one gear easier than the 24 tooth cog, jumping all the way to the 34 tooth cog is rather extreme. the gears do the jump smoothly enough. I just don't do alot of sudden inclines here...
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    7-speed cassette replacement

    I'll just ride alot ... six rear cogs isn't so bad ... just seemed like a waste of space that I was willing to utilize for the price of a cassette. A new wheel is more money ... so I'll go along on my 18 fully functional gears, every once in a while having my legs spin out of control as I jump...
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    7-speed cassette replacement

    I think I'm sunk. I went to the Park Tools site, Repair Help, Removing and Installing Rear Cogs. My wheel looks just like the one for which they recommend the FR-1 (not a cassette type freewheel at all). Further down Park says there's not much point in threaded freewheel removal as individual...
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    7-speed cassette replacement

    Yup, I have the FR-5G ... I think there might be a cover. I see a disk with a couple indentations at 3 and 6 o'clock. And I just saw a pin spanner for a freewheel body cover. Is that what I am looking at?
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    7-speed cassette replacement

    I have a shimano compatible lockring tool which fits like a dream into the new cassette ... but doesn't reach far enough into the hub to engage the lockring on the old cassette. Is it the right tool? What should I do?
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    7-speed cassette replacement

    The original cassette, a Shimano Mega Range (13-34) says ZH37 on it. Can I replace it with an HG50 (7 speed of course) ... either 12x28 or 14x32? If I can switch, will the rear derailler need adjusting b/c of the different cog sizes? Right now it is like having 6 speeds because the mega range...
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    where does a mtbr work?

    Was a lawyer. Now mostly a stay at home Mom, but I work a few hours a week teaching swimming lessons (kids) and lifeguarding at a neighborhood pool. I sneak out to ride during school hours!! Love those forest preserves at 10 a.m. on a weekday.
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    Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow

    Boy, you got that nail squarely on the head. I don't know what others are jabbering on and on about god-human debates. Someone needn't be god to be admirable. We all, I hope, as human beings strive for higher and higher moral accomplishments all our lives and we hope to find people to inspire...
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    Riding on sidewalks

    I have been very careful to stay off sidewalks and as a motorist I get livid at the bikes that ride full speed into intersections from the sidewalks. No motorist is expecting anything quicker than a pedestrian darting off the sidewalk. Yesterday, though, I discovered a real sidewalk treat...
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    MTB Upgrade

    Does that mean it can't be done or he just needs a new cassette body also? I'm pondering upgrading from my 7 cogs ... and it looks like 8s and 9s are the available options.
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    Name My Bike

    gibbsotti repaint redonblack tata (assuming you are fast) ben or, my personal favorite: huffy maybe, LeHuff Good Luck!!!