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    Glue (not for tire) for carbon rims?

    I have some Cane Creek Carbon cronos. Their is about an inch split where the spoke goes into the fairing. I don't think this affects the structural integrity of the wheel's aluminium skeleton. The wheels are out of warranty and I don't want to pay a lot for the replacement. Is their any good...
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    "ovalized" head tube/ bad headset

    ok I have an 03 specialized aluminium frame, cane creek standard integrated headset. I started having a problem about three weeks headset would wobble...unless I tightened to binding...but then as soon as the binding was loosened it would wobble. I bought a new headset and changed...
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    Triple Crank Problem

    I have done that...park tool and shimano techincal no avail.
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    Triple Crank Problem

    I am trying to fix my girlfriend's bike. It has pretty much defeated me. It is an Ultegra 9 speed triple crank and STI. From my understanding it should shift the small to middle chain ring on the first click, trim on the middle ring second click, shift to big ring on third click. I have...
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    How long should an integrated headset last?

    I am thinking about getting a fuji c7 carbon frame, it comes with an integrated headset.....I have read that these can cause actual wear inside the headtube at the frame bearing interface.......does anyone have any experience with this? If it does wear, how fast? Does it do so, so slowly that...
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    Replacement Stem Bolts for Deda Magic Stem?

    I am guessing I can go to a hardware store and just get a bolt that fits......if not how can I get replacement bolts?
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    How Many Road Bikes Do You Have

    I have a specialized allez comp with Ultegra 9 speed. My first road bike....getting ready to buy a fuji team race......have a fuji track pro and a giant NRS xc bike. Going to keep the specialized for winter/rain riding......Thinking hard about a TT bike or cross bike? I don't feel...
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    10 speed chain on 9 speed system?

    Shimano has compatibility charts on it's website: It seems according to this that the rear drive is completely compatible except for some rear hub/cassette issues. Nine...
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    Carbon Fiber Components?

    I have recently got a job in a bike shop. I am going to be buying my first carbon fiber road bike. A 2006 Fuji RC. I have ridden carbon fiber frames before, as test rides so to speak. I know carbon fiber is pretty good at dampening the road vibration. However, the bike comes with alloy...
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    Aero bars plus

    I just got a new Fuji track pro and am happy with the bike. I am a little curious as to positioning though. Compared to your road bike do you set up your track bike differently? I would think you would want the saddle a bit more forward and down. Also, does anyone have any recommendations as to...
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    High Flange Vs. Low Flange

    What is the difference between low and high flange hubs?
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    **** lane velodrome opening?

    I saw on their website that it is opening for training races tonight. (Wed. May 25th) Anyone going to be there? Anyone know any info like what categories, which races, and what time it starts?
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    chain ring problem?

    I have a bike with Ultegra 9 speed. When I am in the big chain ring and either my 12 or 13 cog. ...( 12-23 cassette) and put any hard pressure (accelerating) on the pedals my chain will fall off the outside of the chain ring. The chain has about 8k on it and is slightly stretched but no gear...
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    9 speed cassette on Ultegra 6600?

    On Shimano's website it says that the new Ultegra 6600 hubs are compatible with 9 speed and 10 speed cassettes. Does anyone know if there are special parts to make either of them work? Such as a spacer or special lock ring? I am especially interested in putting a 9 speed cassette on the hubs...
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    Power for sprinters

    What if you are a good squatter and a bad jumper? The best things for teaching explosiveness are explosive things that use more than one joint. Yes you need to squat...but absolute max is not entirely determinant of your ability. A better lift is a clean or clean and jerk in my opinion. You...