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    Members Location Poll

    I'm not a rugby follower. However,what about the cricket world cup champions?
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    online shop

    Which bike are you interested in?
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    5 best mountain bike towns?

    Why don't we change this to a world wide thread? Nominate in your opinion,the best MTB town,anywhere in the world. I'll start the ball rolling with Hobart, the capital city for the island state of Tasmania, Australia. Situated on the foot of a mountain,with a plethora of tracks and trails.
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    Which Bike Carrier

    I require recommendations on a single (or dual) bike carrier to suit a Toyota Echo. I don't want to fit a tow bar, or have a roof rack permenantly fixed to the roof (a la Rola roof racks). Any suggestions...?
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    1975 DS Yamaha Moto-bike

    Back in 1975,Yamaha released a dual suspension pushbike called the Moto-Bike in Australia. Would anybody have one of these bikes in their shed,or know somebody who owns one?If you do,please contact me,as I want to purchase one. Here is a link,so you know what I am refering to...
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    XC MTB Attire

    What is the appropriate attire for the cross country MTB rider? Is Lycra out?
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    'What Mountain Bike' Magazine

    Hello Everyone, Just purchased a copy of 'What Mountain Bike' magazine, here in Tasmania. As always, this British publication is excellent. Very informative. Are there any other similar British mountain bike magazines, that can be recommended? Cheers
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    Only Member from Tassie? Surely Not !

    I am just wondering if I am the only member from Tasmania here. If I am not,tell us all where you train or ride.
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    I need a new bike

    Hey Twisties, Check out this link.
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    armstrong must beat

    There is no doubt about it that Lance Armstrong will be the main threat this year again at the TDF.
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    Members Location Poll

    Would it be possible to run a members/non-members location poll for Australia and all of it's states,plus one for the UK and USA at the same time? It would be interesting to know where all people visiting this forum reside. Just a thought.
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    G8 Photos

    G8 or should that be GR8 ?
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    DS Giant MTB - Who has the best prices in Melb ?
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    Mt Wellington (Tas) Regular Ride

    Is there an organised group already?