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    Just got my new bike

    Bruin, Nice ride, let me know how you like those VeloMax circuit. I'm running them on my Felt F35..... I'm not going to say anything to suade your interpretation, just let me know what you think!
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    Contribute your feelings by adding next line

    I seem to be approching a great mountain I'm glad I filled my water bottles up at that fountain
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    Felt F35....

    Just wondering if anybody else ownes or has rode the Felt F35. I bought it a couple of weeks ago, and have put several hundred miles on it already. I was wondering what anybody elses' perception of the bike was, thier likes or dislikes. I myself love it. I'm running the VeloMax circuits, and...
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    Average Climbing speed?

    Must not be too knarley of a hill. I have trouble keeping that spped on flat ground with a raging head wind. What kind of grade is it? Are you sure it's a hill?
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    Average Climbing speed?

    Just wanted to see what your average climbing speed is. MPH I know there can be several factors, but assume this is a difficult climbs that last nearly 8 miles, at some points a 10% grade....
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    Highest Ever Speed ?

    I hit mid 50's everytime I ride. Locally I have several climbs, and I've been labeled a climber. Naturally I look for ascents, ans with every acent there is a decent
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    Dura-Ace Lever Malfuntion

    My question was- "Anybody else has similar problems with Dura-Ace levers, or had to return a warrentied item in the past few months since the "BIG SHIMANO SHORTAGE"????? If so, any problems or were they true to thier word?" AKA DID THEY RETURN THE PRODUCT???????
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    Dura-Ace Lever Malfuntion

    Just purchased a Felt F35 (Superb Bike) and had a problem with the right Dura- Ace shifter. It will shift down but not up. My mechanic was baffeled, and contacted Shimano. They told him it was most likely defective, and would need to be sent in to be replaced. Fine. The problem was that he was...