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    Argon 18 Krypton

    I am looking at maybe purchasing one of these, anybody got any experience good or bad?
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    Never tested positive

    Nah he was definatly on the soft chews :)
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    Milan-San Remo

    Bring on the Leigh Howard love, he is going to be frightening!
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    Milan-San Remo

    Freire would be the hot favorite, but if the big boys do get over the climbs, Petacchi seems to be in a bit of form. I'm not sure if McEwan is riding this but if he is look out for him, He has been training specifically for March this summer altering his normal program to be in peak form now.
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    rank these climbers.

    Marco Pantani Mikael Rasmussen Richard Virenque Gilberto Simoni Leonardo Piepoli Fernando Escartin Ivan Gotti Roberto Heras Claudio Chiapucci Luc Leblanc Jose Maria Jimenez Francesco Casagrande This is my first post in about 6 months, I had given up on this forum as it turned into a farce with...
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    Stage 16 TDF - Wednesday, July 25: Orthez - Gourette - Col d’Aubisque, 218.5km

    How can the guy who ligitimately won the first ITT be called a wheelsucker? Who is the only guy who has tried to cover the attacks of the two pure mountain men? How come I do not see the **** dishers on this forum riding on the mountains in this years tour?
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    Vinokourov... oh man.... :(

    He was found with another persons blood in his system these cells have different genetic markers to his own cells. He probably couldn't use his own blood stored earlier as the authorities were doing crack downs searching for blood bags. It would be my guess that they withdrew blood from one of...
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    Stage 14 - Sunday, July 22: Mazamet - Plateau-de-Beille, 197km

    Cadel will suprise everyone and attack on the last climb. These steeper climbs suit him better.
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    2003 TDF : Placings to be revised

    Hey Lim, This thread should be closed and kept in the doping forum!;)
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    Stage 13 TDF - Saturday, July 21: Albi - Albi, 54km

    No Idea, he doesn't usually make it this far into the event. He does look strong though. Does anyone have any idea if Contador can TT? He went ok in the prologue, but the TT is a totally different kettle of fish.
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    Stage 10 TDF - Wednesday, July 18: Tallard - Marseille, 229.5km

    You can raffle anyone from T Mobile just hope they get a bit of luck.
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    Does Relax-GAM get a Pro-Tour license for 2008?

    Pro Tour licences don't seem to be worth the paper they are written on, so who really cares if they get one or not.
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    Stage 10 TDF - Wednesday, July 18: Tallard - Marseille, 229.5km

    Maybe T.Mobile might get a bit of luck tonight K. Kirchen.
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    Stage 9 TDF - Tuesday, July 17: Val-d’Isère - Briançon, 159.5km

    Yep, or he could have been bitten by a bug or something. He is riding nicely at the moment.