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    Hydraulic Brake Levers And Other Question?

    You may find it cheaper just to replace the whole brake. You would need to ID the part that's broke (check the SRAM Tech Docs) then see if this part is available, and if it can be fitted with out bleeding the brakes. If the brakes need a bleed, would look at the cost of the part and this (if...
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    Questions On Installing 26" Bent Springer Fork On A Beach Cruiser

    I really have no advice for you on your project but I just wanted to let you know that the fact that the front fender on your beach cruiser being mounted backwards is making my OCD twitch like mad. I wouldn't be able to ride the bike knowing that the fender is on backwards. LOL The chrome...
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    Is There A Signal To Warn Drivers That I'm About To Avoid An Object?

    If you have time, stick out your hand in the direction you're going. If not, just go.
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    Anyone Use One Of Those Huge Excercise Bike Front Sprockets?

    50+ T rings are common on folding bikes and mini velos,you need taller gearing to make up for the small wheels. If you build a bike with a rear wheel smaller than a 26",you'll want a big front ring to keep from spinning out even on the flats.
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    Can Heavy Steel Forks Be Drilled?

    I don't know why not. They don't take away your driver's license for doing something like that, do they? Maybe lose your driller's license, though. I'm curious if it would make different whistling sounds depending on how fast you ride. Perhaps you could drill the holes at slightly different...
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    Are Sidi Bike Shoes Really Worth It.?

    I see quite a few old Sidi shoes worn by local riders that ride lots of miles every year. They seem to last a long time. They are mostly similar to Genius road shoes or Dominator mtb shoes, not the pricey wire shoes. I've had mine 2 1/2 years so far, and aside from a few minor scuffs, they look...
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    Good Water Bottle?

    My water bottle I use everyday I ride are from an event in 1995, The Specialized Cactus Cup. 20 years old, and still working. They hold water be it warm, cold, or iced.
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    Best Time To Buy From Performance

    They just had huge sales. I purchased some clothing and got 25% off a Garmin Edge 510 bundle. I think they are still having the sales. If you have one local its worth going in rather than spending online. Sometimes they give you better deals in person.
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    Anybody Else Feel Pressured To Ride Fast By The Drop Bars?

    I have drop bars on my bicycle, but I rarely use them. Maybe on a long gradual descent ... occasionally to give me another position to sit in and stretch out a bit.
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    What Time Do You Generally Go Riding?

    During the week 2:45 if I ride from work, or 3:30 if I ride from home. On Saturdays 11:00am and Sunday 12:30.
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    Good Method/practice For Navigation

    theres the gadget GPS crowd and theres the Map Compass and talking to the people where You are And asking .. solution . you know who you are.. like gadgets ?, go that way .. I got in a lot of long international tours before the gadgets were on the market.
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    Bought Used Bike

    Its most likely ready to ride. things to look for. do gears change smoothly? do tires hold air? is chain loose? are handlbars straight? is the bartape good to go? if so then ride.
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    What's Up With Puncture Resistant Tires?

    I commute and I use tire liners on two of my three bikes. I will put them on the new bike at some point. I think I bought Mr. Tuffy's. They put a firm barrier between the tire and the innertube at the expense of suppleness. I had been having problems with goat head thorns and the tire liners did...
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    How Wide Are You're Handlebars?

    710 on rigid SS and 740 on Yelli. I can't go any wider, I already have too many places where I have to stop to go between trees.
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    Can You Ride Mtbs On Pavement Longterm?

    A drop bar conversion on a MTB is not the easiest thing to do and it may or may nor work well depending on the geometry of your bike. An MTB can make a fine bike for general purpose riding with a few, inexpensive modifications. The first is slick tires. You'll have to figure out how fat you...