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    2009 TDF stage 20: Montélimar - Mont Ventoux 167 km

    Great to see them really hurting today after some of the superhuman performances lately. And they haven't even got to the really hard bit yet! Kloden back with the Armstrong/Wiggins group now.
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    another custom Wheel question

    Hi Peter, What do you think of the Ambrosio hubs? They are significantly cheaper than Record hubs in the UK by about $150. Cheers Tonto
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    Climbing Wheels

    Take the advice above and get to a good wheelbuilder. The time spent chatting with a really good wheelbuilder about your requirements is enjoyable and rewarding and you end up with exactly the wheels you want. If you want something bling and off-the-shelf have a look at the DT Swiss Mon...
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    Golden Apple Ride, NY, Labour Day weekend

    Hi, I'll be visiting my brother in Westchester County, NY, around Labour Day weekend and he mentioned that this ride is on then. Is anyone familiar with this event or knows the sort of terrain it will cover? It sounds very well organised from what I can gather from the Westchester CC website...
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    another custom Wheel question

    Hi, I've been procrastinating for some time about a new set of handbuilts. Originally I had decided on a set of DT Swiss R1.1's with Record hubs, but a growing sense of unease about my job security forced a rethink in the name of financial expediency. So, I've ordered a pair of Ambrosio...
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    Steel Road Frames?

    I saw this article this morning and I thought it was worth resurrecting my favourite cyclingforums thread: Nice 631 frame eh?
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    I don't know why but Halfords brings out my inner bike snob. Wouldn't bring my bike within half a mile of it. I'd be afraid it'd come back to me with a set of furry dice and some go-faster stripes :D
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    Custom Built Rim Recommendations

    Hi, I was looking for some info on DT Swiss R1.1 and R1.2 rims. I came across your post and was wondering why you would recommend the 1.2's over the 1.1s? Is it because they're stronger? What difference does the higher profile actually make? I can't seem to find out much comparison information...
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    New hand-built wheels review

    Hi, Some great information in this and other threads on here about wheelsets and the general consensus seems to be that the best value is to found from a hand built wheelset. I'm looking to replace an old set of Campy Ventos and I've almost finally decided on a set of Open Pro's, Record hubs...
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    Repairing badly scratched steel

    Hi, I just wanted to follow up on this thread I started to let you know how it worked out. I followed the instructions posted in this thread pretty much to the letter and I'm very glad to say it went very well. I sanded down the two damaged areas, with ultra-fine sanding paper and then applied...
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    How many of you carry a gun as part of your cycling equipment?

    I thought the whole point was that people kill people, not guns :D I defended myself successfully on two occasions when I was attacked by someone with a knife (both occasions within the space of 2 months, I was young and foolish and taking far too many risks at the time). On both occasions I...
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    How many of you carry a gun as part of your cycling equipment?

    Thanks for the information. I knew were some states in the US where firearm possession was very restrictive. Yes, in Ireland, firearms are usually issued to farmers for hunting purposes only and even then it's pretty rare. I am well aware that it is pretty much impossible for a private citizen...
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    How many of you carry a gun as part of your cycling equipment?

    This one has always made me wonder exactly what freedoms are there in the USA that are not available in my country, Ireland? I have the right to defend my family from criminals. What made you think that people in other countries don't? Granted gun licencing is stricter here than many, but not...
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    Repairing badly scratched steel

    Hi, Thanks to you all for the encouragement and detailed advice. I'll be going shopping at the weekend for the bits and pieces I'll need and then I'll start work. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again. Tonto.