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    Hydraulic Brake Levers And Other Question?

    Avid stopped making Juicy in 2010 I believe, the bike is a 2012 model so it is most likely an Elxir 5. It is still easier and probably cheaper to buy new brakes.
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    Questions On Installing 26" Bent Springer Fork On A Beach Cruiser

    yeah, unless that's some new style trend your front fender is backward. do you know anyone with a bent springer on their bike? i'd borrow it for a quick ride to see if you really want one. i prefer a regular springer myself.
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    Is There A Signal To Warn Drivers That I'm About To Avoid An Object?

    I will use a stop signal and take the lane, then point at the object as you make your maneuver, that is how we do it in these parts.
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    Anyone Use One Of Those Huge Excercise Bike Front Sprockets?

    Yes, my folding Bike Friday with 20" (451mm) wheels has a 60t front ring to partially compensate for the smaller wheel size.
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    Can Heavy Steel Forks Be Drilled?

    I dunno if it would be worth the trouble. But it could be done. Hopefully with a drill press. I'd hate to be drilling more than a couple holes by hand. If you have lots of money and don't need U-brake studs you could just buy a 20" carbon race fork and be under 2 lbs.
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    Are Sidi Bike Shoes Really Worth It.?

    Never used them myself but if they are half as good as their motorcycle boots then they probably are worth it.
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    Good Water Bottle?

    I like the bottles from REI that have a well defined "waist." Makes them easy to handle. I don't know about the taste, I'm not very particular as long as it's wet.
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    Best Time To Buy From Performance

    As others have said, last weekend was their doorbuster sale, and earlier in the month was triple points weekend. Some things this weekend are getting double points, and they're having a decent sale for July 4th weekend. What type of bike are you looking at (Endurance, Race, Aero), what...
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    Anybody Else Feel Pressured To Ride Fast By The Drop Bars?

    Pressure? No. I just find I could ride faster when I'm in the drops and that's one big adrenaline boost for me, I love it.
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    What Time Do You Generally Go Riding?

    10:00 to 11:00 am unless something comes up to divert me to a different time. Sometimes on Sat/Sun I'll do earlier to avoid the folks who still have to work for a living out and about weekend crowd. I'd rather not be old, but old and retired does have some benefits.
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    Good Method/practice For Navigation

    A decent sense of direction will get you to most places without a map. For riding around the French countryside (one of my favourite places in the world to ride) I can usually get to where I want to go by reading the highway and road signs, a map serves as a rough guide. For keeping track of my...
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    Bought Used Bike

    Since it is a little used 2011, it is probably fine. First, I'd grab a hold of the crankarms flex then to make sure the crankarms/bottom bracket are not loose. Have someone hold the rear wheel off the ground and then turn the crank and shift through the gears to make sure it is indexing...
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    What's Up With Puncture Resistant Tires?

    No tire is puncture proof. Even the most expensive tires will get a puncture, although some tires are VERY good at preventing punctures. Just watch where you ride and enjoy the bike. BTW: would you purposely drive your car thru glass and trash?
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    How Wide Are You're Handlebars?

    I run 540 mm for mostly single track riding. It's narrow, but I'm comfortable with it, and don't really like wide bars anymore.
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    Can You Ride Mtbs On Pavement Longterm?

    A mountain bike will be fine on the road for light riding. The biggest difference will be the tires and handlebars. The tires, designed for offroad use will have big knobs on them and on the road will give a good vibration and wont roll all that fast. I would put a street tire on which is less...