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    Favorite Chain Lube

    I use Pedro's brand to lube and take care of my Pinarello and it's great I think..
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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    This is my Bella Bambina
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    Pinarello Marvel Help

    I'm waiting for this lbs to call me as soon as they have some marvel's in so I can go test ride one, if I like it which I probably will then I will just pull the trigger in my wallet and take that beauty home.
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    i still caint make up my mind. help me choose the right bike.

    well? hope ya are happy with it and are riding it hard.....
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    I want to try road bike will this be good for me? because i am 5"5 ft and weighting around 230lbs

    the answer is a big YES it will be good for you cause it will help you get fit and healthy, when I started cycling I weighted 260 and now I'm 209 so just get you a good bike and ride hard dude, ride and ride like there is no tomorrow.
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    Help - point me in the right direction for my first quality bike!

    If you're happy with it & it feels good to ride then that's all that matters innit.
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    $2,000 budget-head spinning from all the variety and opinions-you can cause more!

    Hi there, I'm also a bigger than normal bloke, was 270 when I started cycling 3 years ago up to 3 weeks ago I was 238 and still eating like a pig till I decided enough is enough plus it helped me that I also just had inguinal hernia surgery so as of 1 week ago I decided to eat right and no carbs...
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    Ridley, Colnago, Bianchi or Wilier? wot you lot think?

    Finally in about 2 more months I'll be able to upgrade my current bike for a carbon frame one, being doing some research and narrowed it down to the brands I mention on the subject above, my buget will be no more than $3,400, I know it really comes down to which bike fits & feels better but...
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    inguinal hernia recovery advice

    Hi everyone, I just had my surgery 5 weeks ago, haven't gone to the gym or gone cycling since & I really miss it, everywhere I read & even my doctor said wait 6 weeks which will be next Wednesday but for some reason I'm very scared of re-injuring myself, I have changed my diet greatly so lost...
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    Hi, New Girl here.

    Welcome to the crazy & wonderful world of cycling.
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    Where's Alienator? :-)

    I haven't being on here in awhile but it sure as hell feels better without that douchebag. IMO that bloke was just a knob.
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    any input on this bikes please Fuji sst 2.0, fuji altamira 2.0 or fuji grand fondo

    would really love to afford a Pinarello but will take me way too long to save for it so I was thinking about my next upgrade from my 2011 trek 2.1 to a CF Fuji, any honest advise will be greatly appreciated....
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    Caad 10 or Fuji altamira 3.0?

    Don't they sell them fuji's at performance?
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    Just Wanted To Introduce Myself

    Don't know wot you all smoking but welcome aboard anyways..
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    It would be nice if they did the same in the US..

    Thank you all for the answers, I was just trying to figure out how to maybe get me a nice Pinarello back in the UK and just make payments through my bank over there by wiring the money from the US, some of the deals I'm talking about can be seeing on magazines like cycling weekly and cycling...