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    What the hell is exage?

    that's from the 80's I think
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    Is modern medical science / genetics really this good?

    Cold weather has been known to create some pretty extreme hypothermic states. People left out in the cold have made some pretty amazing recoveries after falling through the ice and such. Full on dead with no vitals at all.
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    Converting MT into Roadbike??

    slicks clipless and a front gonna love it. If you are really feeling the need for speed get a road bike, or a cross bike with a 2nd set of wheels for the dirt. That's what I'm saving up for. BTW roadbike = wicked white knuckle holy **** fast, with the right engine of course
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    Training etiquette when pros pass

    YEARS AND YEARS I took Thomas Durst of Panasonic around Montreal for a 60km ride the day before the Grand Prix D'Armeriques. I saw him leaving the hotel where all the pros stay during the event, I asked him if I could ride with him a bit. We got talking and he desperately wanted to get out of...
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    OLN Forum

    Besides if racing coverage were done right and getting the numbers it deserves it would be on it's own digital channel within a season, then I'd NEVER get to see anything.
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    Who says you can't race in the winter? Montreal Ice Cup

    Sound like fun to anyone?
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    Who says you can't race in the winter? Montreal Ice Cup

    Who says you can't race in the winter? Come one come all... Feb 4, 2006
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    Armstrong's 495 Watts at LT

    I saw on Discovery that he was genetically predisposed to be dominate in any sport he choose due to his ability to process o2 better AND Ms. Crow? Like above...LUCKY *******
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    Armstrong's 495 Watts at LT

    I don't really understand the whole wattage thing but could his larger heart account for the more sustained output?
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    Import Taxes to Canada

    That's slimy....... If you can't compete....don't race, but don't try to put roadblocks in place for others. ESPECIALLY that bit about frames assembled in China but painted here not being subject but painted in China being taxed..... that's just retarded. ANYONE who wants to buy a bike should...
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    Commuting to Work?

    Ahhh the general populations love affair with the car. It's amazing in morning when I shower anad change at work how freshed I am after a jolt of adrenaline, a big lungfull of air and a getting a couple ya-yas out during my sprint to work through rush hour traffic. I don't even need coffee after...
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    Rock Salt On Roads

    I love the smashing the **** out of the frnt D fix. Responds well to medium to heavy ball peen hammer. lol
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    Rock Salt On Roads

    There is something to be said about a protective layer of grease and filth to keep the salt at bay. BEWARE the car rinse gun at the coin car wash can take decals off. lol but man o man is my bike clean.... 3 minutes
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    mind if I draft you?

    If I'm drafted when I'm riding I actually worry for the drafter because bashing around in traffic is not where you want an unknown x cm from my back wheel. There's barely room for one let alone two. I always try to call the pass so I don't spook anyone. I never get right up behind someone unless...
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    Is 40 too old??

    Having done the messenger thing in Montreal, where there is a extinct volcano in the middle of the city, I love bangin downhill. Faster faster faster, squeeze the frame with my legs..... too much fun.