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    Vegetable cheese sandwiches

    Sounds too much for me, I mean they're great on their own but having them all on one sandwich without any meat isn't appealing for me. I'll never see how onion rings can be a meat substitute.
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    What's the weirdest hotdog variant you've ever seen or eaten?

    I guess it makes sense that ostrich tastes like chicken, given that they're both birds, I'm just not used to seeing ostriches compared to crocodiles so I thought it was weirder but I guess thinking about it the crocodile one is more exotic.
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    License plate for bikes

    It's a matter of cost vs benefit and it isn't really practical to require license plates for bicycles. Bicycles are really cheap compared to motorcycles or cars, so anyone can have it and some people even have multiple bicycles. So there can be potentially a lot of bicycles which you have to set...
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    Descending smoothly

    Yeah, most people fail to control their speed when descending since we aren't really used to riding in elevated areas, particularly for those living in the city. Most people panic and fully use the brakes which only causes you to crash.
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    Question about Soy beans?

    Yes, there are soy nuts and they can be roasted or even baked until they're dry and crunchy. They're quite tasty and are actually good sources of fiber and protein.
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    why does it feel like i ****** my self after 15 minutes in the saddle?

    For older males, it's more commonly due to an enlargement of the prostate, which doesn't necessarily mean that one is sick but just aggravated by the cycling position.
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    Bike protection

    I haven't experienced it yet, but I have a chain lock and I only park it somewhere really protected and preferably in front of a guard or a camera.
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    Gloves for cycling rider

    I like to use fingerless gloves on a regular day as it feels more natural being able to feel more with my fingers, but I don't really use gloves that often.
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    Careful on muddy roads

    Yeah, another reason why I generally avoid biking in the rain or under extreme conditions; the road becomes more unpredictable and if I have other means of transportation anyway, then I can always bike on another day.
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    What's the healthiest burger made off?

    Turkey burgers with some vegetables and accompanying sauce or with mushrooms and the right amount of cheese is pretty healthy, you can also choose to swap out the usual bread for a healthier substitute.
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    if my legs feel recovered, does that necessarily mean they are?

    In most cases, how your body feels indicate if the muscles are recovered or not, but it's best when they feel that way even when applying pressure.
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    What's the weirdest hotdog variant you've ever seen or eaten?

    I've eaten a crocodile hotdog, I actually like them better than regular hotdogs, although it was only given to me by a friend and he only told me after I've eaten it. I thought it was just a good chicken hotdog. The weirdest I've seen is an ostrich one, but I haven't tasted it.
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    What's Your Average Speed In The City?

    I only bike during clear weather, and I mostly stay at speeds of 20 kph or below depending on the traffic.
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    Peas and corn kernels for health and energy

    Peas, corn, and carrots are my favorite sides when eating any meal for lunch or dinner, and I can even eat them as a snack. They're very versatile and you can mix them with other dishes to improve the meal.
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    Hotdogs ain't healthy

    Most of the commercial hotdogs are really not healthy and full of preservatives and sodium; it's best to stick with other on-the-go foods that are healthier, or just buy food where the nutritional facts are indicated and make your decisions off that.