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    If you do a search on this forum for bikesdirect or windsor you'll see alot of posts about bikesdirect. Don't worry about it not being a legit business. They have actual stores in Phoenix. I've posted about my Windsor Fens I bought off them. I'm now up to almost 800 miles on the bike and it...
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    I must Rant II...5 Yr old handcuffed

    Here it is:
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    I must Rant II...5 Yr old handcuffed

    Well, not as bad as I made it to seem. Jesse was trying to make it comical, but you could tell he was a little annoyed with the girl repeating she was not a baby. The interview is up on Current Affairs website. Although, when I rewatched it they had edited out the girl messing with the...
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    I must Rant II...5 Yr old handcuffed

    The best part of this whole thing was Jesse Jackson coming to the aid of the parents. He did an interview with one of the networks and the mother and child were there. During the interview the kid is out of control messing up papers on the interviewer's desk. Then Jesse says something like...
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    Since tire pressure plays a big part of possible flats, what is the best pressure to keep your tires at? Mine specify Max pressure of 120 lbs. So I keep mine around 110 - 115 lbs. Also I understand that should be a little less if its wet out. Is the Max a good limit to go by?
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    Cinelli Aerobars?

    Does anyone use the Cinelli Spinacissimi Aerobars? I saw them on and they're cheap, light(210g), and the yellow would look good on my bike, but I know nothing about them. They don't look like the most comfortable, no elbow rests, but I'd like to hear some reviews. Thanks,
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    Another beautiful ride RUINED by )(&*&%$ CLIPLESS PEDALS!!!

    My first time on clipless pedals i decided to ride down the road to a nearby greenway for some practice.(Insert word of advice to anyone new with clipless pedals here: start by practicing in a parking lot) As I approached the main road I started to unclip, but my apartment complex has a section...
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    Any Georgians Out There??

    I'm another from the Alpharetta area. Usually out on the Greenway running or riding a couple times a week. If anybody knows of a group ride in the area let me know.
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    Windsor Fens - Are these good components?

    I've been riding the Windsor Fens since late August of last year and its been a great bike. Of course this is my first road bike and I'm no expert on all the components, but I haven't had any problems so far. It's a hard deal to beat, especially since I paid $795 for mine.
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    Tour de Georgia...

    I hate to say it, but unless its Georgia or Georgia Tech football you're not going to get many people in this state to care about watching a sport. I mean we can't even sell out a Braves playoff game and don't get me started on the Hawks. And a lot of the TdG is out in the sticks, where the...
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    Georgia - not a safe ride

    I live up in Alpharetta and just started riding in the fall. Most of my rides are done on the Alpharetta greenway(dodging little kids and groups of soccer moms), going to the Silver comet trail, heading over to Stone Mtn, or heading up 400 to N.GA. I'm not comfortable enough to venture out onto...
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    Sigma Wireless Computer Problem

    Thanks. I checked out Mavic's site and found that one of my local shops carry their products. Hopefully they'll have the magnet, if not they can order it. I can't recall here wheel type, but they do have the same crisscross spokes I think your talking about. We'll see if it works.
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    Sigma Wireless Computer Problem

    I just bought two sigma wireless computers/heart rate monitors and mounted mine to my bike just fine, but when I went to install the magnet on the spokes of my girlfriend's bike it doesn't fit. She has Shimano wheels that have flat spokes rather than round spokes, making the spoke to wide for...
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    Hey girls!

    Sorry not a girl, but I can recommend a great nutrition book. "Food for Fitness" by Chris Carmichael(Lance's coach). A most read for any athlete to help them better understand nutrition. It devotes an entire section to women's specifc needs and entire diet plans based on sex and weight.
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    What's your favorite beer?

    Second vote for the Sam Smith Winter Welcome. Also, Sweetwater 420 out of Atlanta 90 Schilling out of Colorado and i still miss Celis(hated to see them go)