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    A “shorter” jersey?

    Hi all - I’m a 5’7” fella (170cm for the euro types) and my current jerseys sag below my butt when anything is carried in the pockets. Is there such a thing as a “shorter” jersey? Any help appreciated.
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    A jersey that fits?

    Hey guys - I’m looking for a jersey that fits! The one I’m currently wearing sags over my butt if I’m carrying anything in the pockets. I’m also 5’7” (170cm for you euro types) so a shorter jersey might solve the problem? Back in my skinnier days, I always liked the “race cut,” but is there such...
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    Road/cyclocross frame?

    hey guys, I have a cyclocross bike and a road bike. The cyclocross bike is heeeaaavy. It has disc brakes. I’d like to upgrade the frame to something quite a bit lighter. I also have a road bike. It’s as light as a feather. It has calipers. It’s components are very old and I’d like to upgrade...