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    Construction Complete!

    Good work mate! She looks awesome!
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    Indiscriminate Censorship on Cycling Forums

    This is exactly the reason why I take a hard stance against trifling threads such as the one in question. A palace revolt because of a "derogatory term for female breasts"! It is easy to resolve, however. I have deleted the thread. Please point me to the thread that "offends and humiliates...
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    R1000 Cannondale

    Heres one
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    scary photo

    C'mon guys. That's as old as Moses.
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    LANCE - I'll win on a mountain bike!

    Damn, you guys are too quick this morning.
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    LANCE - I'll win on a mountain bike!

    This just in! Paris - Lance Armstrong, 5 times winner of the Tour de France, was clearly unhappy when journalists asked him if he could still win the Tour without the help of a good team. Armstrong said: "Everyone thinks it's the team that helps me win. Of course the team plays an important...
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    New to this

    Click here for some basic info. I'm not finished with the thread yet, tho.
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    How far is Utah from Rhode Island? How many miles does she plan to do a day? How long does she think it will take her?
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    The F1-circus thread...

    Uhm...that ain't a poster mate!. That is the real deal. An autographed photo!
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    I'm a Dad!

    Congrats! Rather get the racer!
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    The F1-circus thread...

    Albert Park was a bit of a procession. Sitting at the first chicane, I was hoping for some action. Nevertheless, the Ferraris were supreme. Also managed to get close to Button, Rubens, Ralf, Alex, Bernie and Louise Goodman. Has anyone here ever had Paddock access? But best of all, have a look...
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    Show us some pics then.
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    Wat gaan aan hier?

    And, what you think of SA?
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    Wat gaan aan hier?

    Where are all the okes and chicks from Souf Efrica?
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    The Argus thread

    I sold my entry. I will be in Australia doing a LSD trip.