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    Trainer Setup/Adj Questions

    Mine says to tighten the roller against the tire until the tire compresses about 3-5mm
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    disillusionment, frustration and disappointment

    I'll give you my 2 cents if your willing to lend an ear. In my teenage years, i was playing AAA Midget Hockey. I didn't like my teamates, coach, the whole she-bang. After my second year of AAA, i quit. I was fed up with the "lifestyle" of playing competative hockey. I told myself i HATED...
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    Gears changing by themselves? Newb here.

    Armenian: As a motocross atv builder i agree that bike maintence is easy as pie, and deraileur adjustment is something everybody should learn how to do on his/her own. However, this may be a good time to begin a relationship with his LBS. Taking your bike in for something simple, is a) a...
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    Is it the Bike or the Rider?

    Sorry amigo, but the Yellow ones are faster.......
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    Chain Ring questions

    Thanks for all your help. One last quetion for you: is the 40 52 common? or am i just week in the legs..... I find i'm rarely on the 52 except on a few flat sprints.
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    Chain Ring questions

    Scotty: no disrepect intended. I'm just extremely frustrated with my LBS. I'm simply stating what my LBS told me. Maybe if i explain how it comes off, it might shed some light: to remove my cassette i need 2 chain whips, and "unscrew" the smallest sprocket. Then the rest of the sprockets...
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    Chain Ring questions

    Thanks mom for finding my old post( i am a newb, remember...) But if you noticed, i didn't have my gearing specs, and now i do. Aso i can't change anything on the cassette, hence my new post regarding FRONT chainrings.
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    Chain Ring questions

    Figured i'd post my gearing and see if i'm just a wuse, or if anyone would recommend a change for me. front: 40,52 Rear: old 7speed 13 to 24 I'm looking for an easier granny gear.... My LBS told me that my style of cassette is pretty much impossible to update. Thanks
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    Crank arms

    I read the info on that link (thank you btw). However, for all of the "Square" fits, it just says square. So can i assume that if the crank arm has a "square" and not splined, it will fit? (I'm a rookie, so please bare with me)
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    Crank arms

    My el cheapo mountain bike left crank arm is really sloppy on the taper. ARe all square hole arms the same taper fit?
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    Chain Ring questions

    Hi all, Looking on ebay for a smaller chainring for the front. My question is regarding the bolt circle. Do all chainrings have the same bolt circle for mounting, or does it depend on what kind i have?
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    Tell me what you think...

    Very pretty, and i hope you know i was just poking fun, no harm intended. So if your other kids are my age, (36) that would put you over 55.......
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    Tell me what you think...

    Not to bust your balls or anything, but that is a safety hazard. Hopefully we won't hear about you being sucked into a transport trailer......Is your Life Insurance all paid up? Is your wife pretty? Do you think your kids will call me Dad in a few years? (just kidding)
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    A few questions about training

    Hi there, As a fellow novice i'll ansnwer what i can for you, based on my ability. I'll pass on the gel's question as i've never used them. 2) If you don't have a bike computer, i'd strongly suggest getting one. I have a cheap Schwin one which displays calories burned, and i've compared it to...
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    leg soreness! what's up with it!?

    I know i'm just a rook, are you eating after your rides? I read some where on here that you should be eating within 20 min after your ride, to refuel your body so it can "repair" itself. I recently began having a protien shake with a banana after my rides, and now i don't have the soreness the...