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    Chain Degreaser

    I've used it without problems, I would imagine so. But best to be sure first, im not 100% sure.
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    Chain Degreaser

    "i like the spray can degreaser personally cause you just spray and it gets all over the frame, the wheels, the tires, the floor... " Depends how you go around it. Floor yes (but I do it outside... I dont care if it gets on the floor). If you tip the bike on its side before you degrease it...
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    UK Smoothie petition

    Hi people, Not sure if theres a previous thread on this, but if there is, another one wont hurt, just help the petition. Innocent Smoothies are petitioning to get the VAT cut on smootheis and fruit juice to encourage more of us to have our 5 a day (and this means cheaper bits that are good...
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    Chain Degreaser

    i like the spray can degreaser personally cause you just spray and it drips off with ease. problem solved!
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    Could you bike 400 miles?

    " Maybe you could make it an annual event and I could particpate several years from now" Did cross my head. I did a survey on another forum too, theres about 20 people so far said they'd be interest, seemed to generate a considerable amount of interest. XSmoker how have you been doing? I've...
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    Could you bike 400 miles?

    I forgot that one :D lol
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    Could you bike 400 miles?

    Hi, Haven't posted on here for a long while, but I thought I'd come back and say Hello. Now to the point.. A few of you may remember a thread I made last year stating that I want to train up to cycle the width of britain (wales shore to great yarmouth over 4 days). Now I kind of figure...
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    Looking for some cycling advice

    Hi, Just thought I would add to your list of required parts a bike lock. If you have one already, great. If not get one. Sooner or later you will have to leave your bike in a public place, and we wouldn't want to see a thread on here the following day saying "Who stole my bike?" good luck...
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    Is there a disc wheel in my future?

    when you say strong wind what are u looking at exactly? For example over here in england we have recenty been experiencing 30+ MPH winds... Now that I wouldn't like to try with disc wheels cause it chucks me about as it is lol.
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    I JUST got robbed in a Starbucks

    On the other hand... Wasn't it a little bit stupid to put your laptop down on a table and walk off? Thats advertising the crime in the first place, you were asking for trouble? If you say you did that regulary he has probably seen you there a few times and watched your routine...
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    I JUST got robbed in a Starbucks

    actually I love starbucks (might be a little bit different in the UK?). Only have a white chocolate cafe mocha but I love it. Cool to hear you got your lappy back, but yeah a belt to the face would have taught him a lesson.
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    How to get Taken Seriously

    It might be the closest shop but the next closes from that will make you fitter ;)
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    Are you sick of being hit by cars too?

    Hey PembsCycer, How visible are they in day light? Never seen them used. Also how heavy? What model is it exactly? Thanks
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    First fall using clipless..

    This will sound daft. Never seen these pedals before (heard lots about them, just never seen them). How exactly do you get your feet onto and off the pedals? (No sarcy comments! lol) Interested in getting some, however dont want to be another rider kissing the dirt when he stops. Just...
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    am i mad?

    Figured out i actually weighed 0.2 Stone more when i finished the route. Why? lol.. i guess it could be down to taking on board 6 bottles of lucosade sport, a turkish delight and a cereal bar lol. How do you cope with the longer rides waterwise? I found that carrying 3 750ml bottles in a...