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    Tour of Germany

    I know doping is the hot topic, but is anyone interested in the Tour of Germany?? I know that Jens was winning as of the team time trial. I really hope he can win again this year.
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    I Hate Al Troutlips!

    I don't think anyone likes "Troutlips."
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    TDF 2007 picks

    Who exactly voted for Leipwhiner? What has he done besides win a domestic race this year? I honestly can't believe that there really are twelve people (so far) that honestly believe that he can keep up with Astana? I am a bit shocked. Are you people voting with nationalism or are you voting with...
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    David Millar working with Checchini

    It also conveniently makes sure that Basso's season is truly over, leaves him with 138 ProTour Points. Not too shabby for a man that road a 1/2 season and is going to most likely walk from the Puerto debacle. Michael
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    Full list of dope suspects published

    I love it! Jens is truly my hero!
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    David Millar working with Checchini

    Snap!! Well said.
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    Watching the Vuelta!! search the torrents for vuelta and keep sharing the videos.
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    Deutschland Tour

    Jens does seem to be quite the funny guy.
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    Voigt takes biggest win at home

    Voigt has been my cycling hero for a while now and I am stoked for him!
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    Some good news, Saul Raisin will be back!

    It's great to know he's back on the road and riding with his dad no less. Kick Ass!! I can't wait to see him race next year. Michael
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    Deutschland Tour

    They're all doping, get over it. Love the sport despite its faults or don't watch it. Being bitter and bothered is a natural reaction to having your eyes opened to professional athletes taking PEDs. It sucks but it is just part of the game. Voigt deserved the win, period. He has been such a...
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    landis is innocent until proven guilty...

    Lay off the pipe weed; you're paranoid. The fact is the man tested positive, twice. I don't get how anyone can have blind faith in cyclists anymore?? There has been cheating in this sport since the beginning and it will continue. So your rider gets busted today, it must be a conspiracy. You're...
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    landis is innocent until proven guilty...

    he's been proven guilty
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    Pro Cyclists

    It's like we're brothers. I could have written this exact post. I love Dave Z too, mostly because of his 1 question interviews of the peleton and his article on main-taint-ence. What a funny boy. Michael
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    Latest words from Floyd

    Sarcasm? I hope so...