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    A dope-historical-perspective

    Kelly was suspended for dope, and yes dope was used as a performance enhancer. I know personally. The use of speed in the 70's , the racers choice, was no way a recovery drug. The drug was used during the race to enhance performance. Back when Lemond rode, no one accused Fignon of doping either...
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    A dope-historical-perspective

    I found this to be a interesting article. I can say with certainty that the practice of using speed continued in the 70's in the US among the racers. Dave Moulton's Blog - Dave Moulton's Bike Blog - Dope: A HistoricalPerspective
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    Lance Armstrong, from cycling to real estate

    I disagree. I was at the first race he got to wear his Worlds jersey in, and he was the only cyclist talking to the spectators. I was on a ride in Iowa ,along with over 20,000 riders and Lance mingled w the people all day. That evening,in a small social setting put on by a donator to the...
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    How many of you carry a gun as part of your cycling equipment?

    m I am somewhat familiar with the Danish way. My daughter lives there.And her Danish boyfriend wants to live in America in a big way... Quality of life? My daughter had a much higher quality of life here. She hates the health care there, as it's quality is better here.
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    How many of you carry a gun as part of your cycling equipment?

    If the Danish were "allowed" to have guns,they would use them to revolt against the government for the high taxation.
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    Armstrong face to face

    I understand, a Harris County child myself. I run the Dallas,Lubbock,Amarillo run several times a month.
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    Armstrong face to face

    The same thing I did say to him when I was face to face with him ............"Nice jersey", !!!!!!!!! {he was wearing the World's jersey for the first time in a race, } Then I said the words that got me a high five..........."TEXAS RULES!!!"...... I found LA and Phil Liggett both decent...
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    Vinokourov backs Contador at Astana

    History shows that the Vuelta has always been a problem for TDF winners. Excepting Steven Roche. Peaking for 3 major tours a year is very difficult. Then add in the nationalism factor of the Spanish riders sandbagging in the TDF for a great ride in the Vuelta. Many TDF winners were aware that...
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    Ullrich investigated for lying under oath

    Yeah, I listen them on Sirius on ch 32 a few hours now and then. They have their own station. Been to many concerts, back when Jerry was around. I am currently up in NE Ohio with hopes I can get to the Rock & Roll Museum in Cleavland tomorrow. I loved that period with the Dead, Janis, and...
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    Ullrich investigated for lying under oath

    I was a big fan of JU. I did feel he was shafted in cycling. He reminds me of the guy who goes to a Grateful Dead concert and parties with the masses. Then on the way out, he is the only guy who gets busted with dope. "Why me ?"
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    Contador - I Will Never Admire Armstrong

    The event organiser thinks LA adds to the current race........... “This year’s line-up is a very strong one, and features two out of the three biggest names currently in cycling,” said Event Organiser Alan Rushton at the race launch in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Powerscourt, Enniskerry. “Having...
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    Tour of Missouri In Jeopardy

    Have they announced a start list yet?
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    Can Armstrong stay with the attack ?

    I was in Aspen two days ago,[not riding] and my buddy mentioned to me that we should ride here next year. I looked at the Rockies, decided that I was not cut out to be a climber. I prefer flat lands. You don't spill your beer when riding hard.
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    2009 TDF: Stage 3 : Monday 6 July : Marseille > La Grande-Motte : 196kms

    Briiliant move..........Maybe Conti planned it at the break. The riders must focus on LA now, and Al Conti will be able to sit and watch.At the end, Conti will be given the race lead by Bruyneel. "Hey Muzzin, we got ourself a race now!"
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    Oh you Armstrong haters must really hate this!

    TRek is a mainstream bike company. Lance's sponsorship has very little to do with sales of Trek. I doubt if 1% of the purchasers of a Trek has ever heard of the Giro, or anything else related to professional cycling.{except the TDF} Trek is actually getting a better part of the US market...