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    Average Power without zeros?

    Kieran is the guy who thinks he's as stronger than a Pro Tour rider because he can put out more watts and doesn't realize the real comparison is w/kg...
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    PowerTap download stops after 256 records

    Sometimes I have this problem when I have a lot of things using Java running so quitting my browsers or rebooting works to fix this. The other thing that can happen is the spring under the contact in the cradle starts to fail and you lose electrical contact after the download starts so I've had...
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    Determining type of STI shifter

    I have been cleaning up and found some NOS and old STI shifters but am not sure of the vintage and type, besides Ultegra. Can one just rely on the number of clicks the small lever makes - eight means nine speed?
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    Very high Normalised Power from a track session

    The only track racing sessions that I have that do not have a high VI were on days where I had pretty bad legs.
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    Some italian amateur races videos...

    I have some short videos here of low level amateur racing in the USA: and longer unedited versions here for cross,track,road racing and criteriums here:
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    Show me a photo of your TRACK bike!
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    Comparing Jan TSS

    TSS: 3698 Time: 81:33 Work: 34623 kJ Starting CTL: 112 Ending CTL: 115
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    Comparing Jan TSS

    I was thinking that's crazy, but then I looked at my numbers and my hours are higher and only one trainer ride, but everything else is lower, including FTP...
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    Comments on my race analysis?

    re: once a week Vo2Max is enough? somewhat off topic, but once a week. :);post=1325916;page=1;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;mh=25;
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    SRM or PT2.4

    Yes. I have PT on four bikes and SRM on two. I find that when something goes wrong with one of them, I wish I only had the other type. :) When everything works, one doesn't think about which type you have.
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    Comments on my race analysis?

    I find I can do one Vo2Max, two FTP workouts M-F and do another FTP workout and a training race effort (part of longer ride) on the weekend. Are you asking if you need to do more than one Vo2Max workout a week?
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    MTB Power Conversion

    It depends on the terrain you train on and the length and intensity of the ride... Most of my MTB rides with a PowerTap are much easier as measured by TSS and AP and NP versus any road ride, however the perceived exertion is much higher.
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    Power decline during cross season

    If your goals are to race every weekend, twice, there's nothing wrong with that. If all you are doing is racing cross (and nothing afterwards) on each weekend day, your CTL is bound to drop, making it harder to do more training on the weekdays as well. I'm riding every day and a bit after races...
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    MTB power meters

    I'm using a PowerTap with a wiring harness with v-brakes on my MTB and on my cross bike. There's been a SRM MTB version for a long time. You could try the polar but the range in gearing makes it difficult to mount correctly.
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    PT Zero Torque & Temp

    How much time between zero procedures - are you doing it right after you go outside?