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    Cinelli 66 handlebar? Where can I get? ...

    Take a look at
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    Pursuit bars for 1" threaded steerer

    ITM made a quill bar, just called ITM Dual (I have a pair I picked up used, made in October 1998). The new ITM bars are also called Dual, but have more numbers on the model, e.g. CX2 and are threadless (which I also have). eBay is probably a source to find these old bars. I got mine at a swap...
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    Track Pedals

    I guess nobody really understands my question. I see photos of many top sprinters using toe clip & strap pedals. If you go to you'll see the MKS RX-1 Track Pedals, the MKS Sylvan Track Pedals, the Wellgo Track Pedals, and I'm sure there's other brands...
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    Track Pedals

    I already have nice clipless pedals. I was just wondering how people use the clip and strap pedals if there's no slotted cleats to work with the pedals. The only ones I've seen are for nailing into wooden soles. Who makes wooden sole shoes these days and where can you get them? Does anyone...
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    Track Pedals

    I keep seeing all these various trask pedals. The straps are available as well as the clips. Where are cleats that work with these pedals? I have some old nail on cleats, but they don't work with today's shoes.
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    Kilo/Pursuit frames for general racing as well?

    Thanks for the replies. I really appreciate it and the responses verify what I had assumed. I had seen the Ti track bike on eBay, but it is too large for me. It is advertised as good in all events and stiff due to the large tubing. I've found a Ti manufacturer that can use large tubes at a...
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    Kilo/Pursuit frames for general racing as well?

    I'm looking into getting back onto the track and the frames have changed since I raced 25 years ago. The Kilo/Pursuit frames often have deep aero tubing for the down tube and seat tube. If these are more aero-dynamic, can they be used for sprint and mass start races as well? This is assuming...
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    kilometer times

    Also, I wonder if nitrogenmustard's time is taken from a standing start, not a flying start (makes a big difference).
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    I purchased an Airborne Zeppelin this year and have loved it for racing. Whenever I've been on a team that required me to ride a particular bike, they provided the bike free of charge (but it had to be returned eventually).
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    How fast to be before doing a cat5?

    It's going to be pretty hard to avoid being dropped in your first race. It all depends on who shows up and how competitive the riders are in your area. Plus, if the race has a steep climb in it, they may drop you on that. If you enter a Criterium, you probably won't have the skills to stay...
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    handling techniques for toe overlap

    Toe overlap is common on many Crit and track bikes and bikes of very small frame size. Don't adjust your cleats just because of the overlap; put the cleats where they need to be for best pedalling. You will never have a problem above 5 mph. The toe overlap only is a problem at near zero...
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    Liggetism of the Day!

    Check out for one persons definition
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    What is the best chain lube ?

    With Rock N Roll, you don't need to degrease your chain. You only need to reapply about every 500 miles. If you properly wipe the chain with a rag after every ride, your chain will look cleaner than new all the time. More info at
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    What is the best chain lube ?

    Rock-N-Roll. I use the Absolute Dry on all my road bikes (a bit cheaper than the gold). The chains look better than new all the time and quiet too. Tried others that took a lot of time to maintain and never looked clean.
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    How long before you can become 'competitive' in Cat 5?

    Although the tactics and training advice above are good, I think you just need more patience as well. I started riding again after a 21 year layoff. I began in the fall of 2002 and did some group rides the following spring, but my lungs would just burst on any hills. I tried a crit in the...