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    Riding in HEADWINDS

    Hey as a newbie to road racing and training daily for the upcomming season I was on the bike this morning and was pondering a thing or two. On a calm day I have no issues keeping a good pace 19+ mph for more than an hour or two. Today was windy so naturally with a tailwind 22+ with a headwind...
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    Advice on road bike purchase

    HEy! I was kinda in the same boat a year ago here is my opinion! I have a Cannondale R600 so just an upgrade to what you are looking at. Ok bottom line in my opinion if you want a trek hold out and buy one of the carbon frames ie spend an additional 2000 dollars. Trek places most of their...
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    Southeastern Racing

    THANKS ALOT!!! Look for the black Cannondale R600 and the tall lanky cyclist on it (kinda generic profile!)
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    Turning PRO?

    EXACTLY!!!! my biggest question is though are we way behind because we just hit our twenties while there are young guns who are winning the world championships! Or is is really possible to turn pro in our mid twenties if we have the natural talent and determination?
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    Turning PRO?

    Hey what does it take to turn pro in cycling? For instance as an amateur of myself if you had the talent and determination how long does it usually take to turn pro? Also are you found by teams or do you go seeking them out? Basically what does it take to ride with a teams logo on your chest...
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    "Triplets of Bellevue"

    Isnt it great!!! I am an avid cyclist and yet an Animation Student!! I was absolutley thrilled to see this! It really inspires me to merge both my artistic abilities with my cycling passion[ QUOTE]Originally posted by Bike Doc I just saw the new animated movie "Triplets of Bellevue". The...
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    Southeastern Racing

    Hey I am a student in Savannah Georgia training hard wanting to start racing. Cat 5. I am going to have a tuneup Crit in two weeks down in Florida to get an idea what its like before the upcomming season but prefferably I would like to race in some Road Races. Is there a directory for Road...