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    What kind of bike do you have?

    I have a 2006 Giant XTC composite, light as hell and an amazing racer.
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    Cat vs Junior

    CAT 4/5 crits are oober sketch in every one I have raced there has been at least 1 crash. Most recently there was a crash that took out the entire field. Junior races are much safer and fun.
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    It will definitely be a better course back east. With FAR more specators to cheer. Last year during the time trial the only specator in the humid hot bug infested course was the time man.
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    Look at this page from usacycling. It appears they have relocated nationals to Champion PA even though Park City was supposed to be the spot of the 06 championships. This is dissapointing for me because now I have to travel cross-country to attend nationals instead of driving 5 hours...
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    State Championship Results

    At my state championship road race I was forced out of a breakaway with the top three riders due to a broken pulley wheel on my rear derailler. In the criterium I finished in fourth position.
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    Am I rushing?

    I don't think you are rushing at all I started racing a month after I started cycling with good results.
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    Cat vs Junior

    I think the 4/5 men are slower than the juniors. In a smaller race the juniors and the men started at the same time. We were instructed to fall back at the king of the mountians sprint so we did and within 5 minutes we caught back up to them with junior gears.
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    Fellow Junior Badly Injured

    This article came from on monday US Junior rider badly injured Joe Trujillo, a 15 1/2 year-old Junior rider and one of the Reno Wheelmen's rising stars, was badly injured when he struck a tree during a 3/4/5 support race at the NorCal/Nevada Masters Championships...
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    HOW do I put a magnet on a disc wheel????

    From what I understand they have special magnets that stick to the wheels for use on disc wheels.
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    This season my results go as follows. Treasure Valley Omnium- 3rd place Eagle Hills Circuit Race- 1st place Tour of Utah- 1st place Tour of Eagle- DNF due to crash in crit.
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    Top Speed Down Hill's

    53.2 mph down a mountain pass here in Idaho.
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    Helmet Bling....

    I notice in this forum how weight is such an issue in helmets and how you can buy helmets that weigh grams more for a fraction of the price. The thing that is not understood is the ventilation in the Atmos in comparison to the cheaper helmets. I originaly used an older giro model that was nor...
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    I have a set of xero- lite XR-1 with a junior cassette for racing I think these wheels wigh about 1500g. I also have a set of ksyrium equipe wheels that weigh about 1800g with a standard 10 speed cassette for training. These are great wheels for training because the reputation of the strength of...
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    TCR Composite 1 set of questions...

    From what I understand the carbon that is in the CR1 frame is very thin and very weak. My coach who is the owner of a bike shop refuses to stock them after hearing that the frames have been cracked in shipping. If a crack could happen in shipping, what would happen in a crash?
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    Your Worst Crash

    My first crash happened this last weekend while riding with the CAT 4/5 men as opposed to juniors. It was a criterium and I was riding towards the back. When I rounded the final corner at about 28mph I saw the crash begin. The first man didn't keep his line and the rider behind him slammed into...