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    Why am i not losing weight?

    If you're not losing weight, it's because you are eating and drinking too many calories. Be honest with yourself and look at your diet, including your liquid diet.
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    Favero assioma pedals

    I don't know, but Cycling Analytics has info on which would allow you to infer how Favero calculates those values.
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    Finding which type of shimano cog

    Just replace the entire cassette. They're not very expensive.
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    Mick's bikes - pleasanton

    Geez, you almost sound like one of them whining anti-vaxxers...are you? Would it have killed you to put on a mask? No. But instead you come on here and start whining about a bike shop that is probably just following the local law. I don't get it with you people, but I'm sick if the lot of you.
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    Training for first time (1st time doing sport)

    Twelve km is really nothing on a bicycle. The best thing for you to do right now is just to ride your bike and let your body start to adapt. Don't pay attention to what other people say their speeds are - depends on hills, wind direction, traffic lights and stop signs, who you are riding with...
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    Getting back into it!

    Get a smart trainer and a whole new world of indoor cycling options will become available to you. I have a Wahoo Kickr Snap, but there are many options available on the market. No reason why your DVDs still can't be effective training aids, it's just that there are many more options available...
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    What are your thoughts about tofu

    Tofu is disgusting, especially fried.
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    Fertility and genetics

    What is the point of this post?
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    Carmichael or joe friel...

    If you have a smart indoor trainer, I highly recommend The Sufferfest.
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    Question about calories for heavy riders

    No idea. But I have a power meter and for a long time Strava used to show me estimated Calories instead of measured kJ (for cyclists kJ and Calories are about equal). The estimated numbers were way off on the high side. Strava now shows the measured values if you have a power meter.
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    The most prevalent long term effects of weed

    Cannabis is legal in Canada. There are two or three (maybe more) stores within easy walking distance of my house. And no, I don't smoke it.
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    Do You Use A Light After Dark

    1000 strobe on the front and 300 strobe on the back always on during daylight hours - and I never ride at night if I can help it. If not, I switch to lower lumens because it's darker.
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    Need assistance with purchasing riding and training equipment?

    No point in getting a power meter without the head unit. I highly recommend the Wahoo Element Bolt for a head unit - and they've just released a more sophisticated model with colour, rerouting and other stuff. They also have a package for a speed sensor, heart rate monitor and cadence unit. I...
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    Bought my first bike today! what else do i need right away?

    Like only one person above has said, get a helmet. Crashes are inevitable - you will go down at some point. I have broken 3 helmets - better that the helmet breaks instead of my head.
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    What bike lights can make me more visible, not just light the road?

    At night almost any reasonable light can be seen, but I try to avoid riding at night. During the day you need something much brighter, so get something with a "dayflash" setting. My front light flashes at 1000 lumens and my rear light flashes at 300 lumens. Because they are flashing, they...