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    Lemond and Fignon

    Hi, i have been reading Fignon's new book, first chapter talks about the 1989 Tour. Did you guys knew that the battle in the Alpe d´Huez stage started as soon as the climb begun ? i didn't.... they took turns in attacking one to each other all the way up the climb. The TV coverage (which i have...
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    Armstrong High Cadence on your low intensity rides

    Hi, i was checking out the 1993 World's at Oslo on DVD and find out that a 21 years old Armstrong already had an above average high cadence. I used to think that he developed that after his cancer. Nowadays my training is at low intensity mainly to lose fat or to keep it at bay and with my...
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    2 Questions on Tubulars

    i used to repair tubular flats myself at home... it was a nice artisan-like task one question.. i understand that for road cycling you can run slick tires on dry or wet conditions, so why manufacturers keep selling us treaded ones ??
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    What Does Cycling Do For Your Knees/Ankles?

    cycling 30 to 40 minutes in a home trainer will give you a similar sensation as running, in terms of time vs effort
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    Don't eat

    ok, sorry, i didn't mean to make it personal either. Anyway, I forgot to say that the long training rides wihout carbs should be at LOW intensity
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    Don't eat

    why is that ?? what is your palmares then ?
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    Don't eat

    Andy Hampsteen wrote once in an article that to train for long races or grand tours he had to train his body to use energy more efficiently. For example, he recommended for a given day of training, a pure protein breakfast, no carbs, and then a long ride without re-fueling. He won the Giro...
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    Running ruins cycling...

    serious cyclists' legs are like ballet dancers legs, in terms of fragility. I would certainly avoid any contact sports and running during your season. In winter is ok to do some of those but for different reasons, like having an active rest and finding back your motivation for your next season.
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    Should my Calves be sore?

    I don't know scientifically why but pain feels mostly in your thighs
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    pro's -damaged- CF framesets

    Hi, simple question. What do PRO teams do with Carbon Fiber frames after a crash ? They are disposed, sold or re-used ? (Assuming that the crash was significant but left no noticeable cracks)
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    can i change STI levers??

    STI levers work perfectly with cantilever brakes
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    Best value freight on wheelset from U.S. to Australia?

    UPS, check the third table (oversized package) on this link: I bought once a frameset from them and it arrived ok here to South America. But you will have to pay for customs i guess (and not very cheap...)
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    Lighter? Stronger? Wassupp with these seat rails?

    -too- stiff Ti rails could explain why my saddle broke down
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    Show Me A Photo Of Your Road Bike

    what material is your Look frame ? i can see it uses lugs thanks
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    Best value freight on wheelset from U.S. to Australia?

    UPS would be $185 USD aprox