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    Need to Gain Weight

    Take in more calories simple. If you eat at a deficit you won't really see progress and would probably start losing muscle mass but eating a surplus should do the job. Eat ALOT of protein as it's very important when exercising.
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    Beef As Energy Food

    For someone liking beef as well I would sadly say disagree. When it comes to training and dieting the best you can do is try avoiding red meats such as BEEF. There's plenty of articles that suggest one to not eat red meats when dieting. As a source of energy I prefer white meats but I respect...
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    Question on commuting

    I'm new to this cycling forum but I would love to see everyone's opinion on what gear they wear when it comes to commuting? Do most of you guys just wear a helmet and then proceed with your commutes? Or do you guys wear full gear from top to bottom? Sorry if this question may sound stupid xD
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    Commuter helmet

    Ignore what people say about having dorky and silly head gear. Any cyclist's number one priority is safety. I've been down on the ground so many times due to careless actions. Other than that, you can try checking amazon as they have great deals on helmets. Most of the gear I get is either from...
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    I tend to cycle anywhere to be honest. I live in Toronto,Canada so I usually like to commute to downtown and explore the city. Going downtown is kind of a relief from just sitting in my stinking old apartment. Although I game a lot I can't just be sitting at home all day being a lazy couch...
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    Tips to lose weight without dieting

    I don't have a problem with dieting although it is a good solution into losing weight but honestly doing A LOT of cardio will burn more than enough calories. Try to incorporate at least some form of cardio a couple of days a week and keep at that pace. One thing to note, Keep in track of your...
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    What is the cheapest price for a good new bike?

    It depends on what your intentions are when you want to buy a bike. If you are a daily commuter then buying a good bike will serve you well as supposed to buying a bike just for running errands. As a majority of people said here, bikes from craigslist will be your best bet. If you are looking to...